Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1b0b1429.33e-01 2fal a.1.1.2
1josA1281.21e+00   d.52.7.1
1a8y3671.22e+00 1a8y c.47.1.3 c.47.1.3 c.47.1.3
1iomA3771.49e+00   a.103.1.1
1kgsA2251.83e+00   a.4.6.1 c.23.1.1
1e9gA2862.20e+00 1wgjA b.40.5.1
1dk0A1882.38e+00 1b2vA d.35.1.1
1hh8A2133.26e+00 1e96B a.118.8.1
1gk9A2603.50e+00   d.153.1.2
1r29A1274.84e+00   d.42.1.1
1l9lA745.17e+00   a.64.1.1
1rkuA2066.63e+00   c.108.1.11
1s9rA4107.89e+00   d.126.1.4
1pwxA2548.91e+00   c.2.1.2
1gz8A2999.16e+00   d.144.1.7
1alvA1739.25e+00 1alvA a.39.1.8
1mg4A1139.48e+00   d.15.11.1
1psrA1009.64e+00 1psrA a.39.1.2
1in6A3341.00e+01 1hqcA a.4.5.11 c.37.1.20
1pbjA1251.12e+01   d.37.1.1 d.37.1.1
1rcqA3571.14e+01   b.49.2.2 c.1.6.1
1j6oA2681.28e+01   c.1.9.12
1mba1471.32e+01 2fal a.1.1.2
1b4fA821.39e+01 1b4fA a.60.1.2
1ezwA3491.45e+01 1ezwA c.1.16.3
1oxjA1731.67e+01   a.60.1.2 a.118.1.13
1dlwA1161.70e+01 1dlyA a.1.1.1
1a6m1511.81e+01 1a6m a.1.1.2
1dusA1941.85e+01 1dusA c.66.1.4
1b561351.85e+01 1hmt b.60.1.2
1lq9A1121.89e+01   d.58.4.3
1on2A1422.03e+01   a.4.5.24 a.76.1.1
1k3xA2622.07e+01   a.156.1.2 b.113.1.1 g.39.1.8
1hw1A2392.20e+01 1e2xA a.4.5.6 a.78.1.1
1qb7A2362.20e+01 1qb7A c.61.1.1
1kjwA2952.22e+01   b.34.2.1 c.37.1.1
1e7wA2912.36e+01   c.2.1.2
1jpzA4732.48e+01   a.104.1.1
1rxqA1782.57e+01   a.213.1.1
1fl0A1712.72e+01 1eujA b.40.4.4
1muwA3862.76e+01   c.1.15.3
1k6iA3522.86e+01   c.2.1.2
1b63A3332.86e+01 1b63A d.14.1.3 d.122.1.2
1pa7A1302.97e+01   a.40.1.1
1dszA862.97e+01 2nllB g.39.1.2
1oi0A1243.01e+01   c.97.3.1
1f1eA1543.02e+01   a.22.1.2
1i4uA1813.04e+01   b.60.1.1
1iw0A2153.24e+01   a.132.1.1
1ow4A1293.27e+01   a.39.2.1
1f74A2933.41e+01 1nal3 c.1.10.1
1b3tA1473.46e+01 1b3tA d.58.8.1
1b4pA2173.49e+01   a.45.1.1 c.47.1.5
1dowA2053.50e+01 1dovA a.24.9.1
1f1mA1643.54e+01 1ggqA a.24.12.1
1p5zB2633.59e+01   c.37.1.1
1akhA613.60e+01 1akhA a.4.1.1
1iwlA1823.64e+01   b.125.1.1
1msk3313.66e+01 1msk d.173.1.1
1nkd653.68e+01 1nkd a.30.1.1
1ek6A3483.78e+01 1xel c.2.1.2
1s5aA1503.82e+01   d.17.4.10
1bgf1243.85e+01 1bgf a.90.1.1
1pvmA1843.88e+01   d.37.1.1 d.37.1.1 g.41.13.1
1k92A4553.88e+01   c.26.2.1 d.210.1.1
1a763263.97e+01 1a76 a.60.7.1 c.120.1.2
1c1kA2174.10e+01 1c1kA a.120.1.1
1pmi4404.11e+01 1pmi b.82.1.3
1lniA964.11e+01   d.1.1.2
1ag9A1754.12e+01 1rcf c.23.5.1
1as4B374.19e+01 1as4B
1m6kA2514.25e+01   e.3.1.1
1pjxA3144.46e+01   b.68.6.1
1a6q3824.48e+01 1a6q a.159.1.1 d.219.1.1
1af72744.53e+01 1af7 a.58.1.1 c.66.1.8
1mtyG1624.57e+01 1mtyG a.23.3.1
1p5dX4634.76e+01   c.84.1.1 c.84.1.1 c.84.1.1 d.129.2.1
1ne9A3354.81e+01   d.108.1.4 d.108.1.4
1nofA3834.84e+01   b.71.1.2 c.1.8.3
1jigA1465.07e+01   a.25.1.1
1mxiA1605.43e+01   c.116.1.1
1rliA1845.50e+01   c.23.5.6
1bkrA1095.50e+01 1bkrA a.40.1.1
1a32885.56e+01 1a32 a.16.1.2
1po5A4765.68e+01   a.104.1.1
1k07A2635.96e+01   d.157.1.1
1jtvA3276.35e+01   c.2.1.2
1ash1506.40e+01 1ash a.1.1.2
1i12A1606.46e+01 1i21A d.108.1.1
1q92A1976.50e+01   c.108.1.8
1o9rA1626.50e+01   a.25.1.1
1go3F1076.57e+01   a.60.8.2

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1moq3686.70e+01 1moq c.80.1.1
1pv5A2646.83e+01   d.251.1.1
1n97A3896.86e+01   a.104.1.1
1jhgA1017.00e+01 1jhgA a.4.12.1
1co6A1077.03e+01 1ycc a.3.1.1
1jlvA2097.22e+01   a.45.1.1 c.47.1.5
1j24A1437.23e+01   c.52.1.20
1iooA1967.37e+01   d.124.1.1
1p4cA3807.57e+01   c.1.4.1
1qnrA3447.58e+01 1qnoA c.1.8.3
1l9xA3157.64e+01   c.23.16.1
1orc717.64e+01 1orc a.35.1.2
1eg2A3198.10e+01 1eg2A c.66.1.11
1rz2A2548.12e+01   b.100.1.1
1at01458.24e+01 1at0 b.86.1.1
1eokA2908.45e+01 1eokA c.1.8.5
1h7cA1088.55e+01   a.7.5.1
1pe1A2678.81e+01   c.1.10.4
1es9A2328.82e+01 1wab c.23.10.3
1f60B948.86e+01 1b64 d.58.12.1
1n08A1638.96e+01   b.43.5.1
1c3pA3758.96e+01 1c3pA c.42.1.2
1d1qA1618.99e+01 1dg9A c.44.1.1

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001