Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1ivnA1792.5627e-15   c.23.10.5
1wab2135.1253e-13 1wab c.23.10.3
1es9A2136.1535e-13 1wab c.23.10.3
1vjgA2023.1598e-12   c.23.10.6
1jrlA1901.9306e-11   c.23.10.5
1k7cA2344.8217e-11   c.23.10.4
1j00A1905.8890e-11   c.23.10.5
1esc3031.2071e-10 1esc c.23.10.1
1deoA2343.0291e-10 1deoA c.23.10.4
1bwr2331.4118e-08 1wab c.23.10.3
1bwq2331.5116e-08 1wab c.23.10.3
1bwp2331.7127e-08 1wab c.23.10.3
1fxwF2294.0256e-08   c.23.10.3
1udc3391.8336e-02 1xel c.2.1.2
1xel3392.5395e-02 1xel c.2.1.2
1ek6A3473.1977e-02 1xel c.2.1.2
1vcoA5321.6034e-01   c.23.16.1 c.37.1.10

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