Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1b8zA901.48e-01 1huuA a.55.1.1
1gk9A2603.99e-01   d.153.1.2
1kid2031.01e+00 1derA c.8.5.1
1nox2052.23e+00 1nox d.90.1.1
1io7A3683.05e+00 1f4tA a.104.1.1
1a412343.07e+00 1a41 d.163.1.2
1a593783.47e+00 1aj8A a.103.1.1
1dc1A3234.06e+00 1dc1A c.52.1.11
1ey4A1494.25e+00 1snc b.40.1.1
1a6m1514.32e+00 1a6m a.1.1.2
1jigA1464.95e+00   a.25.1.1
1hbnB4425.14e+00 1mroB a.89.1.1 d.58.31.2
1ay7B895.16e+00 1ay7B c.9.1.1
1ne2A2005.55e+00   c.66.1.32
1fiuA2867.28e+00 1fiuA c.52.1.10
1akhA617.29e+00 1akhA a.4.1.1
1nbuA1198.08e+00   d.96.1.3
1mtzA2938.24e+00   c.69.1.7
1mla3098.46e+00 1mla c.19.1.1 d.58.23.1
1mgtA1741.00e+01 1mgtA a.4.2.1 c.55.7.1
1g5aA6281.02e+01   b.71.1.1 c.1.8.1
1af72741.07e+01 1af7 a.58.1.1 c.66.1.8
1l9xA3151.27e+01   c.23.16.1
1fp2A3521.28e+01 1fpxA a.4.5.29 c.66.1.12
1na3A911.29e+01   k.38.1.1
1jr8A1171.33e+01   a.24.15.1
1iab2001.55e+01 1iae d.92.1.8
1ars3961.58e+01 1ajsA c.67.1.1
1a5t3341.59e+01 1a5t a.80.1.1 c.37.1.20
1dmgA2251.73e+01 1dmgA c.22.1.1
1kw4A891.87e+01   a.60.1.2
1muwA3861.89e+01   c.1.15.3
1lo7A1411.97e+01   d.38.1.1
1m1nB5222.05e+01   c.92.2.3
1evyA3662.11e+01 1evyA a.100.1.6 c.2.1.6
1ds1A3242.11e+01 1drtA b.82.2.2
1e6cA1732.11e+01 1shkA c.37.1.2
1d8wA4262.14e+01 1de5A c.1.15.2
1elwA1182.17e+01 1a17 a.118.8.1
1dytA1332.30e+01 7rsa d.5.1.1
1e19A3142.34e+01 1b7bA c.73.1.1
1gx3A2842.39e+01   d.3.1.5
1ah72452.46e+01 1ah7 a.124.1.1
1g2nA2642.49e+01 1lbd a.123.1.1
1go3F1072.58e+01   a.60.8.2
1a0p2902.64e+01 1a0p a.60.9.1 d.163.1.1
1e7lA1572.73e+01 1en7A a.140.4.1 d.4.1.5
1l1lA7392.78e+01   c.7.1.4
1ash1502.81e+01 1ash a.1.1.2
1iuqA3672.83e+01   c.112.1.1
1m1nA4912.83e+01   c.92.2.3
1k07A2632.94e+01   d.157.1.1
1bgc1743.04e+01 1bgc a.26.1.1
1k2xA1773.11e+01   d.153.1.5
1iw0A2153.17e+01   a.132.1.1
1ka1A3573.31e+01   e.7.1.1
1alu1863.34e+01 1alu a.26.1.1
1k6iA3523.41e+01   c.2.1.2
1j30A1443.41e+01   a.25.1.1
1ek6A3483.42e+01 1xel c.2.1.2
1nkd653.61e+01 1nkd a.30.1.1
1m33A2583.61e+01   c.69.1.26
1cb0A2833.72e+01 1cb0A c.56.2.1
1khcA1473.77e+01   b.34.9.2
1jhgA1013.87e+01 1jhgA a.4.12.1
1df4A683.91e+01 1aikN h.3.2.1
1ks8A4334.01e+01   a.102.1.2
1iqzA814.13e+01   d.58.1.4
1cex2144.31e+01 1cex c.69.1.30
1k3xA2624.34e+01   a.156.1.2 b.113.1.1 g.39.1.8
1a8l2264.39e+01 1a8l c.47.1.2 c.47.1.2
1dcs3114.42e+01 1dcs b.82.2.1
1mun2254.44e+01 1mun a.96.1.2
1ew6A1374.60e+01 1ewaA a.1.1.2
1hz4A3734.67e+01   a.118.8.2
1fj2A2324.77e+01 1auoA c.69.1.14
1a763264.88e+01 1a76 a.60.7.1 c.120.1.2
1j77A2095.01e+01 1j77A a.132.1.2
1lfwA4705.17e+01   c.56.5.4 d.58.19.1
1lj8A4935.33e+01   a.100.1.9 c.2.1.6
1kgsA2255.75e+01   a.4.6.1 c.23.1.1
1lqtA4565.79e+01   c.3.1.1 c.4.1.1
1gu7A3645.79e+01   b.35.1.2 c.2.1.1
16vpA3666.02e+01 16vpA d.180.1.1
1eyeA2806.10e+01 1aj2 c.1.21.1
1bx4A3456.30e+01 1bx4A c.72.1.1
1cy5A976.35e+01 1cy5A a.77.1.3
1mk4A1576.38e+01   d.108.1.1
1duvG3336.45e+01 1othA c.78.1.1 c.78.1.1
1eexA5546.61e+01 1dioA c.1.19.3
1iq4A1796.74e+01 1iq4A d.77.1.1
1e6uA3216.75e+01 1bsvA c.2.1.2

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1ls1A2956.75e+01   a.24.13.1 c.37.1.10
1ekqA2726.79e+01 1c3qA c.72.1.2
1h2bA3596.82e+01   b.35.1.2 c.2.1.1
1evlA4016.82e+01 1qf6A c.51.1.1 d.104.1.1
1fsgA2336.90e+01 1qk3A c.61.1.1
1hd2A1616.93e+01   c.47.1.10
1a8s2736.97e+01 1brt c.69.1.12
1nc5A3737.02e+01   a.102.1.6
1gheA1777.02e+01   d.108.1.1
1lb3A1827.09e+01   a.25.1.1
1bs0A3847.13e+01 1bs0A c.67.1.4
1n6aA2597.17e+01   b.76.2.1 b.85.7.1
1cqxA4037.20e+01 1cqxA a.1.1.2 b.43.4.2 c.25.1.5
1mtyB3847.27e+01 1mtyB a.25.1.2
1n93X3757.28e+01   a.206.1.1
1dosA3587.39e+01 1dosA c.1.10.2
1l9lA747.41e+01   a.64.1.1
1a9xB3797.48e+01 1c3oB c.8.3.1 c.23.16.1
1ispA1817.52e+01   c.69.1.18
1eca1367.54e+01 1flp a.1.1.2
1nkiA1357.65e+01   d.32.1.2
1lk9A4487.67e+01   c.67.1.1
1h99A2247.86e+01   a.142.1.1 a.142.1.1
1ng6A1487.94e+01   a.182.1.1
1hz6A727.97e+01 2ptl d.15.7.1
1ed8A4498.09e+01 1b8jA c.76.1.1
1ju2A5368.10e+01   c.3.1.2 d.16.1.1
1m45A1488.28e+01   a.39.1.5
1jyhA1578.63e+01   d.60.1.3
1f1mA1648.65e+01 1ggqA a.24.12.1
1jakA5128.87e+01   c.1.8.6 d.92.2.1
1el5A3898.88e+01 1b3mA c.3.1.2 d.16.1.3
1a7w698.91e+01 1a7w a.22.1.2

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001