Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP-rep SCOP_domain
1jrmA 104 5.75e-15 d.206.1.1
1tn3 137 2.09e+00 1htn d.169.1.1
1a2oA 349 2.49e+00 1chd c.23.1.1
1htn 182 2.76e+00 1htn d.169.1.1
1vig 71 4.43e+00 1vih d.51.1.1
1vih 71 4.43e+00 1vih d.51.1.1
1frpA 335 4.50e+00 1frpA e.7.1.1
5fbpA 335 4.54e+00 1frpA e.7.1.1
1fpkA 335 4.54e+00 1frpA e.7.1.1
1rdzA 337 4.56e+00 1frpA e.7.1.1
1fsaA 337 4.63e+00 1frpA e.7.1.1
1g1sA 162 5.23e+00 d.169.1.1
1jqhA 308 6.43e+00
1nfa 178 6.46e+00 1a02N b.2.5.1
1fj6A 337 6.54e+00 1frpA e.7.1.1
1cnqA 337 6.57e+00 1frpA e.7.1.1
1d2vA 104 6.59e+00 1d2vA a.93.1.2
1cxpA 104 6.59e+00 1d2vA a.93.1.2
1mhlA 108 6.63e+00 1d2vA a.93.1.2
1mypA 108 6.63e+00 1d2vA a.93.1.2
1mypB 108 6.63e+00 1mypB a.93.1.2
5cscA 429 6.66e+00 1csh a.103.1.1
1a66A 178 6.77e+00 1a02N b.2.5.1
1jscA 630 6.93e+00 c.31.1.3
1bk4A 337 7.29e+00 1frpA e.7.1.1
1k3aA 299 8.78e+00 d.144.1.2
1a02N 301 9.16e+00 1a02N b.1.1.5
1hg5A 289 9.29e+00 1hg5A a.118.10.1
1hf8A 289 9.29e+00 1hg5A a.118.10.1
1ad5A 438 1.02e+01 1fmk b.34.2.1
1apxA 249 1.04e+01 1ryc a.93.1.1
1i3sC 298 1.06e+01 b.28.1.1
1qcfA 454 1.07e+01 1fmk b.34.2.1
1i4eA 300 1.07e+01 1p35A b.28.1.1
1p35A 299 1.07e+01 1p35A b.28.1.1
1i3pA 298 1.08e+01 b.28.1.1
6cts 433 1.09e+01 1csh a.103.1.1
1irk 306 1.12e+01 1fmk d.144.1.2
1i44A 306 1.13e+01 1fmk d.144.1.2
3btdI 58 1.22e+01 1bpi g.8.1.1
1biiB 119 1.23e+01 1agdB b.1.1.2
1anu 138 1.25e+01 1aohA b.2.2.2
1ftaA 337 1.29e+01 1frpA e.7.1.1
3rlaA 323 1.44e+01 1d3vA c.42.1.1
1a0p 290 1.47e+01 1a0p a.60.9.1
1ir3A 306 1.50e+01 1fmk d.144.1.2
1tdf 316 1.52e+01 1trb c.3.1.5
1tde 316 1.53e+01 1trb c.3.1.5
1kjwA 295 1.53e+01 b.34.2.1
1trb 320 1.54e+01 1trb c.3.1.5
1f6mA 320 1.54e+01 1trb c.3.1.5
1cl0A 320 1.55e+01 1trb c.3.1.5
1hqxA 323 1.55e+01 1d3vA c.42.1.1
2rlaA 323 1.55e+01 1d3vA c.42.1.1
1rlaA 323 1.55e+01 1d3vA c.42.1.1
1d3vA 323 1.55e+01 1d3vA c.42.1.1
1jxmA 301 1.55e+01 b.34.2.1
1hqgA 323 1.56e+01 1d3vA c.42.1.1
2tsyA 262 1.81e+01 2tysA c.1.2.4
1ayx 492 1.97e+01 1ayx a.102.1.1
1buqA 125 2.02e+01 1opy d.17.4.3
1eyqA 222 2.17e+01 1eypA d.36.1.1
1jepA 222 2.17e+01 d.36.1.1
1eypA 222 2.17e+01 1eypA d.36.1.1
1qo3B 100 2.22e+01 1agdB b.1.1.2
1bz9B 100 2.25e+01 1agdB b.1.1.2
1ddhB 99 2.29e+01 1agdB b.1.1.2
1aohB 147 2.32e+01 1aohA b.2.2.2
1aohA 147 2.32e+01 1aohA b.2.2.2
1fzkB 99 2.33e+01 1agdB b.1.1.2
1fzoB 99 2.33e+01 1agdB b.1.1.2
1mhcB 99 2.33e+01 1agdB b.1.1.2
3btgI 58 2.50e+01 1bpi g.8.1.1
1qh5A 260 2.70e+01 1qh5A d.157.1.2
1qh3A 260 2.70e+01 1qh5A d.157.1.2
4pfk 319 2.80e+01 3pfk c.89.1.1
3pfk 319 2.80e+01 3pfk c.89.1.1
1bpt 58 2.83e+01 1bpi g.8.1.1
3bthI 58 2.88e+01 1bpi g.8.1.1
7at1B 146 2.93e+01 8atcB d.58.2.1
9atcB 146 2.94e+01 8atcB d.58.2.1
6pfkA 319 2.95e+01 3pfk c.89.1.1
1nbeB 153 2.99e+01 8atcB d.58.2.1
8atcB 153 3.00e+01 8atcB d.58.2.1
1d09B 153 3.03e+01 8atcB d.58.2.1
1raiD 147 3.05e+01 8atcB d.58.2.1
1dkiA 371 3.08e+01 1dkiA d.3.1.1
1raaB 154 3.14e+01 8atcB d.58.2.1
1kncA 177 3.42e+01 a.152.1.1
1gsjA 258 3.43e+01
1gu9A 177 3.58e+01 a.152.1.1
2atcB 152 3.58e+01 8atcB d.58.2.1
1hx8B 299 3.67e+01 1hg5A a.118.10.1
1lopA 164 3.76e+01 2cpl b.62.1.1
2nul 164 3.77e+01 2cpl b.62.1.1
1gs5A 258 3.84e+01
1wba 175 3.90e+01 1wba b.42.4.1
1g6xA 58 3.93e+01 1bpi g.8.1.1

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