Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP-rep SCOP_domain
1jrmA 104 3.97e-11 d.206.1.1
1qj2B 809 4.09e-02 1qj2B d.41.1.1
1tn3 137 7.84e-01 1htn d.169.1.1
1htn 182 9.44e-01 1htn d.169.1.1
1e5pA 151 1.76e+00 1bj7 b.60.1.1
1jj2R 84 2.07e+00 1ffkP d.12.1.1
1ew3A 159 2.30e+00 1mup b.60.1.1
1dptA 117 2.89e+00 1dptA d.80.1.3
2bc2A 227 3.32e+00 1a7tA d.157.1.1
1hfoA 113 3.39e+00 d.80.1.3
1jj2W 91 3.61e+00 1ffkU d.29.1.1
1epbA 164 4.02e+00 1epaA b.60.1.1
2bc2B 227 4.09e+00 1a7tA d.157.1.1
1gm6A 175 4.09e+00
1epaA 164 4.12e+00 1epaA b.60.1.1
1qh5A 260 4.20e+00 1qh5A d.157.1.2
7at1B 154 4.21e+00 8atcB d.58.2.1
1e25A 282 4.30e+00 1e25A e.3.1.1
1qh3A 260 4.47e+00 1qh5A d.157.1.2
1ffkU 91 4.70e+00 1ffkU d.29.1.1
1bhjA 292 5.37e+00 1xvaA c.66.1.5
1eluB 390 5.39e+00 1elqA c.67.1.3
1p35A 299 5.48e+00 1p35A b.28.1.1
1aj0 282 5.97e+00 1aj2 c.1.21.1
1em2A 229 6.14e+00 1em2A d.129.3.2
1xvaA 292 6.34e+00 1xvaA c.66.1.5
1elqA 390 6.48e+00 1elqA c.67.1.3
1eluA 390 6.54e+00 1elqA c.67.1.3
1aj2 282 6.62e+00 1aj2 c.1.21.1
1d09B 153 7.01e+00 8atcB d.58.2.1
1shsA 147 7.06e+00 1shsA b.15.1.1
1jy8A 159 7.28e+00 d.79.5.1
1gx1A 160 8.26e+00
1fo4A 1332 8.48e+00 a.56.1.1
1b24A 188 8.66e+00 1b24A d.95.2.1
1eg5A 384 8.93e+00 1ecxA c.67.1.3
1kas 412 9.00e+00 1dd8A c.95.1.1
1j97A 211 9.23e+00 1f5sA c.108.1.4
1fiqC 763 9.23e+00 1fiqC d.41.1.1
1jc4A 148 9.29e+00 1jc4A d.32.1.4
1l7mA 211 9.49e+00
1ad1A 266 9.87e+00 1aj2 c.1.21.1
1f5sA 211 9.90e+00 1f5sA c.108.1.4
8atcB 154 1.05e+01 8atcB d.58.2.1
2hqi 72 1.06e+01 1aw0 d.58.17.1
6cts 433 1.07e+01 1csh a.103.1.1
1qqsA 174 1.10e+01 1nglA b.60.1.1
1ecxA 384 1.11e+01 1ecxA c.67.1.3
1i35A 95 1.12e+01 d.15.1.5
1d3vA 323 1.15e+01 1d3vA c.42.1.1
1d3yA 301 1.19e+01 1d3yA e.12.1.1
2pth 193 1.22e+01 2pth c.56.3.1
1f15B 218 1.23e+01 1f15B b.10.1.2
1nlr 234 1.36e+01 2nlrA b.29.1.11
1b3nA 412 1.37e+01 1dd8A c.95.1.1
1d8cA 723 1.40e+01 1d8cA c.1.13.1
1seiA 130 1.40e+01 1seiA d.140.1.1
1lc5A 364 1.40e+01
2nlrA 234 1.41e+01 2nlrA b.29.1.11
2u1a 88 1.45e+01 2u1a d.58.7.1
1bbpA 173 1.45e+01 1bbpA b.60.1.1
1rlaA 323 1.54e+01 1d3vA c.42.1.1
1ja1A 622 1.59e+01 1amoA b.43.4.1
1lkcA 364 1.62e+01
1kb5B 117 1.74e+01 1kb5B b.1.1.1
1i06A 180 1.84e+01 1mup b.60.1.1
1hztA 190 1.92e+01 1i9aA d.113.1.2
1jv4A 162 2.01e+01 b.60.1.1
1zrn 232 2.08e+01 1qq5A c.108.1.1
1exqA 154 2.11e+01 1b9dA c.55.3.2
1neu 124 2.18e+01 1neu b.1.1.1
1f08A 148 2.20e+01 1f08A d.89.1.2
1i05A 180 2.27e+01 1mup b.60.1.1
1grwA 126 2.28e+01
1j6wA 175 2.34e+01 1j98A d.185.1.2
1hnjA 317 2.35e+01 1hn9A c.95.1.1
1eyyA 510 2.35e+01 1eyyA c.82.1.1
1eblB 317 2.37e+01 1hn9A c.95.1.1
1hn9A 317 2.38e+01 1hn9A c.95.1.1
1ff9A 450 2.39e+01 1ff9A c.2.1.3
9atcB 146 2.42e+01 8atcB d.58.2.1
2oatA 439 2.45e+01 2dkb c.67.1.4
1eulA 994 2.49e+01 1eulA f.2.1.10
1dl5A 317 2.50e+01 1dl5A c.66.1.7
1i9aA 182 2.57e+01 1i9aA d.113.1.2
1lpuA 332 2.60e+01
1amoA 615 2.60e+01 1amoA b.43.4.1
1b9dA 163 2.64e+01 1b9dA c.55.3.2
1fg7A 356 2.64e+01 1gewA c.67.1.1
1a48 306 2.70e+01 1a48 d.143.1.1
1f83A 425 2.71e+01 1f82A d.92.1.7
1gewA 356 2.74e+01 1gewA c.67.1.1
1ez0A 510 2.75e+01 1eyyA c.82.1.1
1hlgA 371 2.76e+01 1hlgA c.69.1.6
1lmb3 92 2.78e+01 1lmb3
1eblA 317 2.80e+01 1hn9A c.95.1.1
1eg7A 557 2.80e+01 1eg7A c.37.1.10
1hyvA 166 2.83e+01 1b9dA c.55.3.2
1e5mA 416 2.86e+01 1dd8A c.95.1.1
1bl3A 160 2.93e+01 1b9dA c.55.3.2
1f82A 424 2.98e+01 1f82A d.92.1.7
1lliA 92 3.02e+01 1lmb3 a.35.1.2
1ihrA 76 3.16e+01 1ihrA d.191.1.1
1oatA 439 3.16e+01 2dkb c.67.1.4
2nacA 393 3.20e+01 2nadA c.2.1.4
1f89A 291 3.22e+01 d.160.1.1
1kit 757 3.26e+01 1kit b.29.1.8
1nfa 178 3.26e+01 1a02N b.2.5.1
1jssA 224 3.36e+01
1xxaA 78 3.39e+01 1xxaA d.74.2.1
1dciA 275 3.39e+01 1dciA c.14.1.3
1itg 166 3.43e+01 1b9dA c.55.3.2
1regX 122 3.57e+01 1regX d.58.27.1
1js3A 486 3.75e+01 c.67.1.6
1ffkP 84 3.77e+01 1ffkP d.12.1.1
1gg4A 452 3.79e+01 1gg4A c.98.1.1
1hn2A 159 3.84e+01 b.60.1.1
1kuuA 202 3.89e+01
1qu9A 128 3.90e+01 1qu9A d.79.1.1
1qu9C 128 3.90e+01 1qu9A d.79.1.1
1gs5A 258 3.91e+01
1afi 72 3.95e+01 1aw0 d.58.17.1
1a44 185 3.96e+01 1a44 b.17.1.1

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001