CASP5 Target T0139

1. Protein Name
2. Organism Name
homo sapiens
3. Number of amino acids (approx)
4. Accession number
5. Sequence Database
PDB (on hold)
6. Amino acid sequence
7. Additional Information
This protein corresponds to a structural domain located at residues 225-307 of DFF-45/ICAD (Dnase Fragmentation Factor/Inhibotor to Caspase Associated DNase). The NMR structure was determined at pH 6.5, in the presence of 5mM DTT (reduced state). The 225-307 construct is the smallest unit for forming a stable domain. This domain has a melting temperature of 61C at pH 6.5, and is resistant to proteolytic (trypsin) degradation. It is most likely to be monomeric.
8. X-ray structure
9. Current state of the experimental work
The structure has been determined by NMR. The structure calculation is based on 841 NOE and 168 dihedral angle and 49 dipolar coupling derived constraints. Both the lowest energy structure and the sequence are " on hold" in the PDB.
10. Interpretable map?
11. Estimated date of chain tracing completion
Final NMR structure completed
12. Estimated date of public release of structure
17 August, 2002
13. Name
unavailable until after public release of structure

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