Fourth Community Wide Experiment on the Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction

CASP4: Predictor Registration

Thank you for registering your interest in the Fourth Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction Experiment (CASP4). You have now been added to the appropriate mailing lists.

For your records, a summary of your registration is printed below. Please save and print out this file for your records. Keep a note of your Predictor Registration Code. You will need this to update your registration details and/or submit predictions.

A copy of your registration has also been automatically mailed to the email address given in your application. If you do NOT receive this email you should contact us since any subsequent notifications we send by email may also not reach you.

Predictor Registration Code = 2000-8506-6614

1. Name
Kevin Karplus ,
2. Name of Institution
University of California, Santa Cruz
3. Mailing address
Street: Computer Engineering
City: Santa Cruz
State: CA
Zip: 95064
Country: USA
4. Telephone
5. Fax
6. Email
7. Registration type
group leader
8. Group Name (e.g. Smith-John)
9. Likelyhood of submitting predictions under different categories of the experiment
Comparative Modelling: Certain
Fold Recognition ('threading'): Certain
Ab initio: Certain
10. Source of information about experiment
participated in CAFASP1

CASP4 organizers Tue May 2 9:26:04 PDT 2000