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This course covers the basics of electronics circuits, with particular emphasis on op amps and instrumentation amps for connecting biological sensors (thermistors, electrodes, microphones, pressure gauges, ...) to analog-to-digital inputs of computers. The course is intended primarily as a design course, rather than as a theory course, but has about 50% overlap with EE 101.
Target audience:
The primary audience are bioengineering majors, but students in biology, physics, computer science, digital arts, and other fields where some knowledge of electronics is useful, but not required, for the major are also welcome, if there is sufficient room after the majors and pre-majors have enrolled.
Single-variable calculus (at the level of Math 19A or higher) and Physics electricity and magnetism (at the level of high-school physics)
Requirements satistfied:
Required course for all bioengineers.

Those in bioelectronics or assistive technology: motor concentrations still need to take EE 101/L, because the EE Department does not accept this course in place of EE 101 as a prerequisite for more advanced electronics courses. BME 51A+B should be taken before EE 101/L, though there is no official prerequisite chain.

Blog about the course:
Table of contents for over 400 blog posts about the design and implementation of this course.
Extra material:

Index of class offerings

Spring 2019: BME51B Applied Electronics for Bioengineers 2
Winter 2019: BME51A Applied Electronics for Bioengineers 1
Spring 2018: BME51B Applied Electronics for Bioengineers 2
Winter 2018: BME51A Applied Electronics for Bioengineers 1
Spring 2017: BME51B Applied Electronics for Bioengineers 2
Winter 2017: BME51A Applied Electronics for Bioengineers 1
Spring 2016: BME101/L Applied Electronics for Bioengineers
Spring 2015: BME101/L Applied Circuits for Bioengineers
Spring 2014: BME101/L Applied Circuits for Bioengineers
Winter 2013: BME194 Applied Circuits for Bioengineers
Prototype run of course, offered as BME 194 (Group Tutorial).

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