UCSC BME 200 Fall 2015 week 5

(Last Update: 12:04 PDT 23 October 2015 )

Guest lecture: Lab safety and computer ergonomics, guest lecturers: Lisa Wisser and Brian MacDonald, EHS.

Jumping into toxic waste does not give
				you super powers
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Environmental Health and Safetyweb site.

lab safety may be a familiar topic to those who came from wet-lab backgrounds, but those who are coming in from the computational side really need to learn this stuff! UC has also gotten much more strict about lab safety in the past couple of years, so sloppy lab safety practices you may have learned earlier will not be tolerated. The lab safety information can be found using the left-navigation panel of http://ehs.ucsc.edu/programs/research-safety/index.html

Online training for lab safety at UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals (search for "Laboratory Safety")

The ergonomics resources can be found at the bottom of http://ehs.ucsc.edu/programs/ergo/index.html

Avoid the wrist and back problems that plague so many computer people! There is a computer workstation self-assessment at http://ehs.ucsc.edu/programs/ergo/#OES

According to the EHS experts:

Sometimes students can encounter challenges with the UC Learning Center, especially if they are not in the UCSC payroll (PPS) system. If your student encounters any issues, please let us know and we will help.

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