UCSC BME 200 Fall 2015 week 3

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Intellectual property, patents, and software copyright. See the ISCB statement on software sharing at http://www.iscb.org/iscb-policy-statements/software_sharing and their policy statement on open-access publishing at http://www.iscb.org/iscb-policy-statements/literature_open_access

Choosing a journal. Open-access or subscriber?

How to produce posters, mainly design and where to print: the School of Engineering poster printer (free for SoE posters).

Cloth posters, see discussion in my blog post labhacks—the $25 scrunchale poster

Some discussion of design guidelines, while viewing posters in the hall.

Being a TA

Instructor Checklist for TAs. All TAs need to consult with the instructor they are working for, and discuss the TA responsibilities at the beginning of the quarter. Once both parties agree on what the TA needs to do, they need to sign the checklist. This is a requirement of the job. The checklist forms can be found on http://ga.soe.ucsc.edu/current/forms, and you can compare these with the union's information at http://www.uaw2865.org/resources/ They have a generic checklist on their page http://www.uaw2865.org/resources/know-your-rights/academic-student-employee-ase-new-employment-checklist/

I have been strongly warned that as a faculty member I am "management" and not allowed to talk to you about the TA union, nor how to start or avoid the union grievance process. You are on your own for figuring that out. (Sorry---we used to have good discussions in this class how what the legal options were during strikes, about the strategic difficulties of strikes as a bargaining tool for teachers and public employees, and where you could get more information, but I've been told I can't even get someone else to present the information.) Contacting your union steward:
UAW Local 2865 310 Locust St., Suite B / Mailbox 2
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Fax (831) 423-3606

Note: TAs are not allowed to have office hours in shared grad-student space. TA office hours are to be scheduled in Baskin Engineering 312 B, C, and D and E2-480. by soegradadm@soe.ucsc.edu See http://ga.soe.ucsc.edu/ta/office-hours for more information.

Discussion of faculty union SCFA, which I am a member of. Brief mention of AAUP and their publication Academe, which is available on-line as http://www.aaup.org/AAUP/pubsres/academe/

TA responsibilities for Classroom accommodations for disabilities

The Dean for Undergraduate Education (William Ladusaw) recommends incorporating the following paragraph into all syllabi: "If you qualify for classroom accommodations because of a disability, please submit your Accommodation Authorization from the Disability Resource Center (DRC) to me during my office hours in a timely manner, preferably within the first two weeks of the quarter. Contact DRC at 459-2089 (voice), 459-4807 (TTY)."

The DRC has provided an updated and comprehensive faculty resource page at: http://drc.ucsc.edu/fac-staff/faculty/index.html and they call particular attention to exam accommodation: http://drc.ucsc.edu/fac-staff/faculty/faculty-exam-sheet.html Many of the links for faculty are also relevant for grad students acting as TAs.

I used to have a lot of links to DRC resources, but they have scrambled their web page since then, so that none of the links are good any more. Note: this is standard practice at UCSC—there is not much point in keeping bookmarks for long, as the web masters on campus believe in scrambling the web pages frequently. Learn some keywords and do Google searches, and hope that the frequent web scrambling doesn't cause the information you need to disappear completely.

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