UCSC BME 200 Fall 2015 Week 1

(Last Update: 14:15 PDT 23 September 2015 )

Discuss textbooks and assignments, go over syllabus.

Privacy of student records

In 2014, faculty were sent the following information:

This reminder is being sent to every instructor teaching a class this quarter. Instructors' access to confidential student information is accompanied by a responsibility for understanding and following the University's policy on the privacy of student records. Instructors must also avoid inadvertent disclosure by ensuring that identifiable student work is not placed in an unmonitored area for students to pick up, and by shredding printed material that contains sensitive or restricted data. A printable quick guide and a faculty guide, FERPA for Faculty, may be found on the Registrar's Privacy of Student Records website in the Resources section. In addition to reviewing these references, we recommend you complete the training on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974.
There is more information on the UCSC Privacy of Student Records web page.

Tour rooms openable with BME grad key.

There have been grad computing labs in Baskin 314A and 316, for which you would need keys different from the BME grad key that opens the labs in Physical Sciences Building—few BME students have opted to use the Baskin computers.

Handy tool for finding classrooms: http://maps.ucsc.edu/

Unfortunately, this map only gets you to the nearest building, and does not help much with finding the desired room within the building, which can be quite challenging at some of the colleges. (The UCSB equivalent of this tool is much more helpful, as it has interior maps of the classroom buildings.)

List of classrooms with capacity and media equipment: http://its.ucsc.edu/classrooms/

Locations of bicycle "FixIt" stations on campus: http://ucscsustainability.blogspot.com/2013/04/new-bike-fixit-stations-installed.html

Web pages of seminars:

Biomolecular Engineering and Bioinformatics seminar

Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology Tuesdays 12–1 PSB 240

MCD Bio Seminar Mondays and Fridays 12:30–1:40 Nat Sci Annex 101

Chemistry Seminar MWF 3:30–4:40 PSB 240 (M,W,F have different foci)

Mailing lists:

optional, but highly recommended, mailing list: bioinformatics seminar announcements, jobs, bread-and-tea, …
automatic, can't unsubscribe: official announcements from the department.
For developers of the genome browser, and comparative genomics research results.
This mailing list is for Biomolecular Engineering and Bioinformatics grad students (and the computational biology track of PBSE). It is intended for informal, social stuff that involves primarily grad students, though postdocs, staff, and others are welcome to join. Formal announcements go to binf-grads and stuff of broader community interest (seminars, job opportunities, bread-and-tea, … ) go to compbio. https://groups.google.com/a/soe.ucsc.edu/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/bme-social
For the postdocs and lab staff who aren't grad students or faculty. I believe that postdocs are supposed to be automatically signed up for this list, but I bet the maintenance is not all it should be, since there isn't a clear owner in charge who needs to contact the postdocs. This list may be obsolete.
(Created 21 April 2011) Mailing list for users of TeX and LaTeX. A good place to discuss style files, tools, home installation, and cool TeX resources. Also suitable for asking help questions of experts. Not for reporting bugs in the SoE installation—use the normal IT Request mechanism for that. This list still exists but has seen almost no traffic in the past couple of years. https://groups.google.com/a/soe.ucsc.edu/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/tex-users
Science and Justice Working Group
http://scijust.ucsc.edu/ A biweekly interdisciplinary discussion group. "The Science and Justice Working Group brings together faculty and graduate students from all five academic divisions on the UC Santa Cruz campus-arts, humanities, social sciences, engineering, and physical and biological sciences-to promote interdisciplinary conversations and exchange. We expand UCSC's historical focus on social justice to include questions about the formation of science and technology, and related public-policy debates."
Users mailing list for the Protein Data Bank. Often has questions about tools and interpretation of protein models, resulting in tutorial replies.
See https://lists.sdsc.edu/mailman/listinfo.cgi/pdb-l for more information.
Molecular visualization mailing list.
See http://bioinformatics.org/mailman/listinfo/molvis-list
proteopedia list
Proteopedia users. See http://www.bioinformatics.org/mailman/listinfo/proteopedialist-for-users for more information about the proteopedia mailing list. Proteopedia itself can be found at proteopedia.org


There are many blogs that talk about life as a grad student, a scientist, a researcher, an academic, a teacher, and so forth. Here are a few that may be worth following:

Female Science Professor
Musings about being a professor, about sexism in academia, about mentoring, about running a lab, about job searches, … . This blog has dropped way down in frequency over the past year.

If you like this blog, you might want to check out others on this list of blogs by female scientists: http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/the-lay-scientist/2010/sep/16/women-science-blogging , though it might be a bit UK-centric.

Jack Baskin School of Engineering News
Not a blog, but an RSS feed for press releases from the School of Engineering. The BME faculty get written up fairly often (awards, big grants, exciting research results, …)
Gas Station Without Pumps
My personal blog. Various musings on teaching, electronics, course design, bioinformatics, being an academic, home schooling, …

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