UCSC BME 200 Fall 2014

Being a Bioinformatics Grad Student

Web page assignment

(Last Update: 15:14 PST 1 December 2014 )

due Monday 15 Dec 2014 4 p.m.

Create a web page on your School of Engineering account, by creating a file .html/index.html and making sure that it (and the .html/ directory) are publically readable.

Jim Kent's directions at http://users.soe.ucsc.edu/~kent/tutorial/webtut.html can be used if you have not previously created web pages. He goes further, in explaining how to set up executable programs to be run over the web. The web services supported on the SoE machines are explained in more detail on http://support.soe.ucsc.edu/web/personal

Create a web page on any topic, and mail me the URL for it before class on the due date. I'd really like the web pages to be on the SoE computers, so I'm expecting to see URLs starting with http://users.soe.ucsc.edu/ Create the page editing the HTML with a text editor--{\bf not} with a tool like Microsoft Word, PageMaker, Claris HomePage, Adobe GoLive, DreamWeaver, or PageMill. I want to be sure that everyone understands the underlying language of the web.

I will look for the following features in the web pages that you create:


Modern HTML style calls for the use of CSS style sheets. These are a good thing, but not required for this assignment.

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