UCSC BME 200 Fall 2015

2nd LaTeX assignment

Due Thurs 19 Nov 2015.
(Last Update: 13:55 PST 3 November 2015 )

For this assignment, I will not be giving you an example to copy. Instead, I'll give you some specifications:

Create a 1- to 2-page paper on any bioinformatics or biomolecular engineering topic. Find at least 5 papers relevant to the topic, at least one of which comes from conference proceedings rather than a journal, and cite them appropriately in the article. Cite one reference that exists only on the web, not in a hard-copy publication.

To get clean BibTeX entries, you may want to use John Archie's pubmed id to BibTeX converter at /projects/compbio/bin/scripts/pmid2bib

Include at least one figure in the article. You may create the figure using a digital camera, xfig, gnuplot, rasmol, R, genome browser, or any other appropriate tool (I don't want you just copying a pre-existing figure from the web). Use the graphics, epsfig, or other appropriate package to include the figure in the paper. Remember to provide a decent caption and to refer to the figure in the body of your paper.

Note: although this is mainly a LaTeX/BibTeX assignment, I will be reading the papers, so make them meaningful. If you have no ideas for a paper, think up some research topic you might be interested in pursuing for a lab rotation or an MS project or PhD thesis. Look up a little background on the topic and find a few relevant papers that you ought to read before starting on the research.

The paper may be the same paper as is turned in for the BME 205 research paper, which has slightly different requirements. To use the same paper for both courses, it must meet both sets of requirements.

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