(Last Update: 00:03 PST 29 January 2013 )

The lab write-ups for the microphone lab were a bit better than for the thermistor lab (only one redo, and everything else in the B- to B+ range). Still, no one is quite nailing it.

I repeat the policy from the first feedback: Any student may redo any lab write-up (except the last one of the quarter), but those who get a "REDO" must redo them. Students who turned in a joint report may redo the write-ups individually or together, but once an individual report has been turned in, then joint reports are no longer possible. When redoing a lab report, turn in the old, commented-on report attached to the new one. Don't wait a long time before redoing reports.

Warning: I have higher expectations for late or redone reports, so don't make only trivial changes and re-submit—your grade can go down. Make substantive changes that significantly improve the quality before resubmitting.

Here were some common problems in the microphone lab write-ups:

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