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First of a two-course sequence that is the culmination of the engineering program. Students apply knowledge and skills gained in elective track to complete a major design project. Students complete research, specification, planning, and procurement for a substantial project. Includes technical discussions, design reviews, and formal presentations; engineering design cycle, engineering teams, and professional practices. Formal technical specification of the approved project is presented to faculty. Prerequisite(s): Electrical Engineering 171 or Computer Engineering 121; previous or concurrent enrollment in Computer Engineering 185; permission of department and instructor. Students are billed a materials fee. (Also offered as Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering 123A. Students cannot receive credit for both courses.)


This course is a capstone class, inteded for students in their last year of the bioengineering degree program. Students wishing to do research or design projects earlier should sign up for independent study with a faculty member, rather than this course.


Students should take BME123A in the fall, BME123B in the winter, and (in many cases) an independent study in the spring, to finish projects. BME 123A will not be offered in the winter.

Index of class resources

Class Information for Winter 2015 (123T) 2-unit thesis only
Class Information for Spring 2013 (123T) 2-unit thesis only
Class Information for Winter 2011 (123B)
Class Information for Fall 2010 (123A)
Class Information for Winter 2010 (123B)
Class Information for Fall 2009 (123A)

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