Interesting bike and transit WWW pages

Bicycle references

Bicycle and traffic laws and bike plans

Find California Code Useful for searching the Vehicle Code for bicycle-related laws! You can read the whole code (unindexed) also. Actually, the site has such a terrible search engine, that you are probably much better off doing an advanced search in Google, with the domain restricted to least they don't hide the data behind a search interface that makes it impossible for corporate search engines to index.
Bicycles and the Law: the Case of California by Alan Wachtel
This analysis of California law (statutatory and case law) for bicycles is the most detailed and comprehensive I've read. It is also intelligently written and easy to read (the author is a professional writer, as well as a long-time bike activist). It lays to rest many of the myths about how traffic laws apply to bicycles, and should be required reading for all California cops and all bike activists interested in modifying the vehicle code. It was originally printed in Environs: Environmental Law and Policy Journal (UC Davis) 18(2): 105-124 May 1995. Unfortunately, the on-line version is missing the footnotes, which form 30% of the content.
City of Santa Cruz ordinances
See 10.68 for bike-specific ordinances (some of which are probably not within the City's authority, since they contradict the State Vehicle code). See also 10.52.090.
Bike Plan Source Home Page
A Missoula, Montana consulting company has done a fair amount of work on putting together a description of the process for creating a bike plan.
Bike Plan Source Manuals
Bike Plan Source 10 Questions Article

Design of bike facilities

Cross County bikeway
A plan for alternative alignments for the Broadway-Brommer connection that look more useful to bicyclists.
Impacts of Rail-Trails:Background and Methods HDM - Chapter 1000
Caltrans's Chapter 1000 of the highway design manual Bikeway Planning And Design. May be missing the important figures.
Oregon's bikeway design manual
Richard C. Moeur - Manual of Traffic Signs
A nice collection of traffic signs, together with coments about their design and use.
Richard C. Moeur's comments on various bicycle traffic engineeering issues
Bikeway Design Guides, Reports, and Resources (Tracy-Williams Consulting)
A nice annotated bibliography of various publications on bikeway design
A discussion (with illustrations) of "share-the-road" signs.
A People Power position paper on a "Downhill Bikes Use Full Lane" sign.
Guidelines for Choosing a Safe Bicycle Route To School
This is intended as a supplement to the "guidelines for choosing a safe route to school" in The safest route to school project: a teacher's guide (AAA pamphlet #3213), which gives guidelines only suitable for pedestrians. See also the specific route recommendations for Westlake Elementary School in Santa Cruz.
Richard C. Moeur - Traffic Stuff
Some more of Richard Moeur's work, including information about bicycling the Interstates in Arizona.
The Dilemmas of Bicycle Planning
A simple paper describing the conflicts bike planners face between doing something that would be good for bicyclists and doing what the community thinks it wants.
Bike program in Portland, OR
MassBike/MetroBoston discussion of intersections
A discussion of intersection design that analyzes the Portland Oregon "blue-lane" pictures.
Discussions of bike lanes and paths (pro and con):

Bikes on transit

SCMTD Bike Rack Program
Transit agencies that carry bicycles

Bicycle discussion groups and newsletters

VeloNet ( provides information in three different formats. The Directories list contact information and other details provided by more than 400 worldwide cycling organizations. The Links serves as a directory to global web sites organized by activity. However, it is the Mailing Lists, of which there are currently more than 200, that truly make up the heart of These lists connect an estimated 10,000 bicycle enthusiasts, enabling them to communicate, coordinate and otherwise discuss issues related to cycling on a local, regional and/or global level.
CYBER CYCLERY: An Internet Bicycling Resource
The commercial company that hosts This is their commercial site. Too many ads and graphics for my taste---but the service is valuable enough that I'll give them this listing.
The Bicycle News Agency - News for bicycle advocates
News for bike advocates from around the world, but distributed from Denmark. They often have interesting information ignored by the mainstream press (even by the consumer-oriented bicycling press). Previously sponsored by Dansk Cyklist Forbund the Danish cycling federation.
Bicycle Advocacy: CHAINGUARD CHAINGUARD-Online
A newsletter for bike advocates. Their position is made fairly clear by their "battle flag":
Cyclists should expect and demand safe accommodation on our public roads, just as does every other user. Nothing more is expected. Nothing less is acceptable.
The John Forester Collection
A collection ofJohn Forester's writing maintained by Chainguard Online. (Possibly an out-of-date pointer)
John Forester's web site
A collection of John Forester's writing maintained by John himself.

Bicycle equipment, recumbents, trailers, ...

LongbikesBuilder Profile
Longbikes now makes the Vanguard, formerly made by Ryan Recumbents. I have a Longbikes Vanguard, and enjoy riding it.
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
A pretty comprehensive source for information about bicycle helmets: standards, promotion campaigns, mandatory helmet laws, and so forth. It tends to be very pro-helmet, not including any of the material that argues against mandatory helmet laws, for example. They also include some grossly inflated statistics on the risk reduction from helments.
Dr. Michael Henderson's Bicycle Helmet Effectiveness Study
A very long paper which asserts (with good evidence) that wearing a helmet halves the risk of head injury. Several studies claiming higher levels of protection are cited. The paper does brush aside claims that mandatory helmet laws, when enforced, significantly reduce the amount of riding.
Snell Memorial Foundation Home Page
The Snell Foundation issues standards, tests, and certifies helmets, including bike helmets. A poster by Snell about helmet fitting. GIF image 446x600 pixels, linked to from their fitting web page
A web shop that specializes in bike cargo trailers, parts, and accessories.
Bike trailer manufacturers:
Burley is the most popular choice for trailers to carry children, but they still have one cargo model (the Nomad) suitable for touring or grocery shopping without kids. Their web site is rather lame, requiring lots of mouse clicks and picture loading to get information. Their rear-triangle hitch is perhaps the best bike trailer hitch currently on the market. (Disclaimer: I own two Burley trailers and have another trailer to which a Burley hitch has been added.)
Bikes At Work
Large cargo trailers.
Bykaboose Bike Trailers
EQUINOX Industries (trailers)
Cycletote - Home Page
Blue Sky Cycle Carts
Acap---makes a mountain bike trailer that looks rather unstable with the inferior seatpost mounting point.
Wandertec makes a bike case that works with the BOB bike cargo trailer. I'm not particularly fond of the design of the BOB (I prefer 2-wheel trailers like the Burley trailers), but some people find it good for touring.
Moulton bicycles
A high-quality (though expensive) folding bike with excellent riding characteristics.
Bicycle HPV Recumbent Resources & Sources
A list of sources for recumbents and recumbent accessories by Cycle America the National Bicycle Greenway in action. These are ads, so don't expect exhaustive lists.
Trikers' page
Three-wheeled vehicles, both motorized and human-powered. This seems to be an enthusiast's list rather than paid ads.
A specialist cycle shop in England, that specializes in alternative cycles such as recumbents, cycles for special needs and cycle trailers.
Sells a bike seat that puts the child between the adult rider and the handlebars. This looks to me like a dangerous design.
Makes custom bike racks. Some of the designs look good, others look like wheel-breakers. Other designs are too tightly packed---it looks like he has not experimented with using them yet.

Bicycle clubs and organizations (a very selected list)

League of American Bicyclists
The League of American Bicyclists is the main bike-advocacy group in the US. They also provide services to bike clubs (like insurance) and put on several primarily recreational events each summer. They are also the only U.S. organization with a nationwide bicyclist-education program, the Effective Cycling (tm) program. The focus of the League changes form recreation to education to advocacy depending who is on the board. It is highly recommended that all US bike advocates become League members, since this is our only national voice.
International Police Mountain Bike Association A spin-off of the League of American Bicyclists, this organization provides training and certification for bicycle police. If your local police don't already have this training, urge the police chief to get it. For once, the cops are being taught correctly about bicycle traffic law and how bicyclists should behave. This goes a long way toward removing the car-headed thinking they often start with.
Adventure Cycling Association
Adventure Cycling started as "BikeCentennial" and has now become the leading US organization promoting long-distance bicycle touring. They make excellent maps of selected routes, have an ok newsletter, and sell some useful touring equipment that can be hard to find elsewhere.
IHPVA -- International Human-Powered Vehicle Association
The main US source of information about non-standard human-powered vehicles. They also certify human-powered vehicle speed records and run races. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have put the current records on the Web yet.
A listing of bicycle advocacy organizations (mainly in the US, but some international ones).
People Power is a a bicycle advocacy organization in Santa Cruz County that has been active for about 15 years. California Bicycle Coalition
The newer of California's two statewide bike associations, CBC doesn't have a very impressive track record yet. They got some fairly useless legislation passed and took credit for locally organized bike-to-work activities. They do seem to have a decent newsletter. Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz
East Bay Bicycle Coalition San Diego County Bicycle Coalition
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition
Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition

University courses on bicycling (not racing or PE)

Cowell 152 -- Bicycle Transportation Engineering
A three-unit course taught for the first time Spring 1997 through Cowell College at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
SUNY Albany grad planning course
a graduate planning course on Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Planning.
Bill Moritz, University of Washington
This class has been fairly small, but seems fairly solid.
Alex Sorton, Northwestern Traffic Institute.
This class supposedly reaches 100+ engineers a year, making it the biggest bike-ped engineering course, but I have had difficulty fining much information about the course. A number of people have criticized Sorton's methods for evaluating the suitability of roads for biking.
John Forester's proposed college courses
In 1995, John Forester put together detailed course outlines for several college-level cycling courses. Although the specific courses he designed have not been offered anywhere, I did use his ideas when designing Cowell 152.
The Bicycle Vehicle for Societal Change
Ross Petty's course at Babson, a sociological study of the bicycle, rather than an engineering one.

Bike education resources and papers

Websites about bike safety for kids.
I've not visited most of these sites myself---just gathered sites recommened by others:
I'm Safe Productions, Rockland, ME.
The American Association of Pediatricians has several pages on safety for families, including bike safety. See also
Ontario Cycling Association
Kids on Bikes in Illinois
Kids on Bikes in Chicago Any differences besides the colors and page setup?
Sprocketman (Black & White)
Chicago: Dept. of Transportation
Share the road website.
Safer Cycling - by Colin Clarke
A book printed in England that examines bicycle accidents and suggests changes to improve bike safety. I have not read the book, only the web page, but it seems to be advocating for off-road facilities.
Why bicycle riders should not ride on the wrong side of the road.
A nice one-page explanation of this frequently mis-understood concept.
Seidler Productions
Makes and sells some bike-education videos, including Forester's Effective Cycling and some public-service announcements.

Other pointers to bike info
An ok, but not great, beginner's guide to bike commuting. It propagates some myths (like that you need to change your clothing after bike commuting and that special clothes are needed). It also has a not-very-well-selected list of cities good for bike commuting.
A better list of bike-friendly cities, maintained by the League of American Bicyclists. Cities need to apply to be on the list, so it is far from complete, but the Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze ratings are not bad (though there are geographic differences in the standards, with California apparently held to higher standards than states with harsh winters).
A list of pointers to cycling sites, mainly about bicycle equipment and fitness, with some rather poorly chosen links about safety. Bike Events
A world-wide collection of bicycle events (strongest in Australia). The site has other pages, but only the event list looks worth exploring (as of May 2011). The bike shop listing is particularly thin and includes only the worst bike shop in Santa Cruz, not any of the good ones. Perhaps the other lists will get better populated in the future.
Links to Other Bike Pages
An organized list, rather different from mine, of interesting bike web sites.
Pete Ruckelshaus' Index of Bicycle Manufacturers
A very useful and well-organized list of web sites and URLs. Many of the sites are for manufacturers, but there are a lot of eclectic things as well.
Bicycling Links (elyk)
A short, unannotated list, but with some useful pointers. tm
A long, unannotated list by the National Transportation Library.

Not yet sorted pointers
Car-free information
A web site collecting the most-car-free, most-biked, most-walked, and most-transit-dependent communities in the US based on Census information. Santa Cruz makes it to 17 on most-biked, but not to the top 100 in the other categories.
How to Fit a Bicycle
Making a Bicycle Fit
Is Cycling Dangerous? -- Do Bicycling Fatalities and Accidents Outweigh Benefits?
On bicycling, the sense of hearing and headphones
John Franklin's Cycling Home Page
Velorution! The Bike Info "Freeware" Site: Homepage
Broadway-Brommer proposed allignments B5-B7
PP Surveys
Blue Bike Lanes for Greater Safety
Carrying Infants on a Bicycle
Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition's home page
Pro Bike/Pro Walk 98 conference
a People Power page---I haven't checked it again to figure out why I bookmarked it)
Be ready for the future: read The Bike People
Draft City of Santa Cruz Bicycle Transportation Plan
City of Portland Bicycle Program: Bicycle Parking
Velorution! The Bike Info "Freeware" Site
Be ready for the future: read The Bike People
Welcome to the World of the Love Bike The ultimate tandem bicycle.
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute Home Page
National Center for Bicycling and Walking
Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Types of the Early 1990s
Bicycle Laws in the United States
Bike Plan Source Rumble Article
The Bike People
GazetteNET: Amherst to implement bike laws
Critical Mass Santa Cruz - October 3, 1997
The Bike People
City of Portland Bicycle Program
Bicycling - Traffic signal actuators that do not work for bicyclists: technical and legal issues
John Allen's Home Office Home Page
Bike Plan Source Traffic Signals
Auto Free Times # 9 Article 3
Olympia Community Bikes
A "community bike" program in which a fleet of bikes is made available for free. Many communities have tried this, but the programs usually fall apart in a few years due to lack of maintenance or theft of the bikes.
The Bicycle News Agency 1/97: Safe Routes Set For Take Off in 97
The Bicycle News Agency 2/97: Non-commuters Rewarded With Quicker Housing
InfraCycle Software
The National Transportation Bicycles and Pedestrian Section
INFOHUB Biking Page
Intersection Online
Welcome To Bike Current
Bicycling Information
The Stolen Bike Registry
One Less Car - Cycling the Web
Replogle: NMVs in Asia
Fresh Aire Delivery--Index
It's Bike Week in Tucson, Arizona! March 16-24, 1996
Cycle America Home Page
Hawaii Cycling
Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation in North Texas
Ventura County Transportation Commission bike map
League of Michigan Bicyclists
The WWW Bike Repair Shop the online bike repair manual
Bicycle Tasmania Home Page
Cambridge's Cycle Friendly Employers Scheme
Index of /bikes/gifs
League of Michigan Bicyclists
International Bicycle Fund Homepage

Transit references

See also, Bikes on transit earlier on this page.
Report: 98 Percent Of U.S. Commuters Favor Public Transportation For Others
UCSC CTIP Overview
Santa Cruz METRO Home Page
Bay Area Transit Information
ROUTES - Public Transportation
Federal Transit Administraion's list of on-line transit agencies
Welcome To The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
Friends of CalTrain
The Smart Valley Telecommuting Guide
The Cyberspace World Railroad Page

Urban Planning Resources

SCCRTC RTP project suggestion form
Victoria Transport Policy Institute
Planning Commissioners Journal's "Planners Web": Resources on City Planning, Regional Planning, Land Use, Zoning, and Environmental Issues
City Limits
Urban, Regional and Environmental Planning Related Resources
PCJ Article: "Building On Common Ground," by Joseph Molinaro
A Neo-Traditional Neighborhood with Defensible Space and Traffic Calming
Beyond Sprawl: New Patterns of Growth to Fit the New California
Transportation for the Working Poor
The View from Mokum: Cities for People--Car-Free Urban Environments
Bibliography of Urban Design
Taming the Automobile in Dutch Cities...Traffic Calming, Urban Planning, Transport Planning, Automobile, Bicycle, Pedestrian, Netherlands, Woonerf
Taming the Automobile in Dutch Cities...Traffic Calming, Urban Planning, Transport Planning, Automobile, Bicycle, Pedestrian, Netherlands, Woonerf
What Main Street Can Learn From the Mall
Openair-Market Net: Farmers', Street, Flea and Street Vendors
gopher:// A paper on traffic calming.
Online Planning
ABAG Homepage
League of CA Homeowner Assoiation's Home Page
[UB SA&P] Planning and Architecture Internet Resource Center
Planning and Architecture Related Internet Resources
[UB PAIRC] Municipal Governments and Local Information
Welcome to Urban Ecology
The New Planner
Traffic calming paper

Other resources (not sorted yet)

This is a temporary holding area for pages that I have bookmarked for one reason or another, but have not yet gotten around to sorting out completely.
Innovative Transportation Technologies main index page
SPC Index
De Clarke's Personal Opinion (isn't bisque beautiful?)
A discussion of the proposed UCSC parking garage.
Making Intersections Safer for Pedestrians
The Car Free Movement
Electric Bicycles-w/frames
Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Current Issues and Activities
Warm Showers List
Sprawl-Busters Web Site
Traffic Signal Association, Silicon Valley Chapter
A page promoting Roundabouts in the USA
A Review of Traffic Calming Techniques
California pedestrian vehicle laws
Perils for Pedestrians - The monthly cable TV series promoting safety
World's Largest List of Roadside Attractions
Peninsula Neighborhood Association - Gig Harbor, Washington
United Transportation Union Local 23
The View from Mokum: Encounters in Bali, Cities for People, Crawford Systems
Other STPP Publications
1996 Fatalities Facts
City of Davis
The Community of Davis
Corvallis, Oregon - CITY HALL Online
Hybrid bike lanes
BikeBus How to Not Get Hit by Cars
Effective Advocacy for Bicycling Issues
Bicycling - Traffic signal actuators that do not work for bicyclists: technical and legal issues
Is Cycling Dangerous?
De Clarke's Personal Opinion (isn't bisque beautiful?)
De Clarke's Transportation Alternatives Page
Bicycle and Pedestrian Program - FHWA
packing pavement
Practical Methods to Protect and Enhance Habitats
Injury patterns in cyclists ...
Safe Routes to Schools - Marin County
International Walk to School Day

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