Abe in Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship

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This production by Pisces Moon on 16 March 2005, was the result of an 8-week after-school class at Bay View Elementary School. The students did a creditable job, despite only 7 90-minute meetings before the performance.

The director, Terri Steinmann, does a fantastic job of matching kids to their parts and getting excellent performances out of the kids, while keeping their enthusiasm for the theater high. We have been very pleased with Pisces Moon and plan to have Abe work with them again.

The pictures below have links to larger images.

Boromir puts up his sword
Boromor puts away his sword.
The Council of Elrond.
Boromir in the Council of Elrond.
Boromir demanding the ring from Frodo
Boromir demanding the ring from Frodo
Boromir dies
Boromir dies after defending the hobbits.

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