Abe in Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

(Last Update: 20:42 PDT 10 May 2023 )

In this production by Pisces Moon, Abe played the role of King Arthur. This may be Abe's last production with Pisces Moon for a while, as the educators are starting a new organization West End Studio Theater to have more space.

They had a small cast, so the director, Mandy Metcalfe, took on some of the minor roles (Jester and Slavetrader).

The pictures below have links to larger images.

Mandy Metcalfe, welcoming the audience

Abe as King Arthur on the throne
King Arthur
Abe as King Arthur enslaved
King Arthur enslaved

sketch of Kevin Karplus by Abe
Kevin Karplus's home page
Abe as Alfonso Churchill
Abe's theater page

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