Abe in James and the Giant Peach

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This production by Pisces Moon on 2 July 2005 was the culmination of a two-week camp. Abe participated both as an actor (4 hours a day) and as part of the production workshop (another 4 hours a day). Despite the long days, Abe retained his enthusiasm throughout, and gave a spritely performance as Grasshopper.

The director, Terri Steinmann, does a fantastic job of matching kids to their parts and getting excellent performances out of the kids, while keeping their enthusiasm for the theater high. We have been very pleased with Pisces Moon and plan to have Abe work with them again.

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The banner announcing the play
The banner announcing the play
Grasshopper talking to James at the stem of the peach
Grasshopper talking to James at the stem of the peach
Glowworm, Grasshopper, and Centipede
Glowworm, Grasshopper, and Centipede

sketch of Kevin Karplus by Abe
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Abe as Alfonso Churchill
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