The Hound of the Baskervilles

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On 30 April 2011, the West End Studio Theatre produced a version of The Hound of the Baskervilles.

The cast had 12 teens (5 male and 7 female), even though the play originally calls for a predomminantly male cast. As a result, some of the characters were female (Dr. Watson and Dr. Mortimer were rewritten as female parts) and some male parts (Mr. Barrymore, Cartwright, and the taxi driver) were played by girls.

The main instructor, director, and board operator was Terri Steinmann. The costumes were expertly done by Lucia Paxton. Abe was Sherlock Holmes, a part he was comfortable in.

The pictures below have links to larger images.

Cast photo before costumes and makeup were completed. (Two actresses were absent.)

Terri Steinmann introducing the play.

Sir Henry Baskerville, Sherlock Holms, and Dr. Watson in Holmes's Baker Street flat.

Dr. Watson examines the warning letter: If you value your life or your reason, stay away from the moor.

Dr. Jane Mortimer arrives to welcome Sir Henry. The actress playing Dr. Mortimer had injured her ankle the day before, and so had to perform on crutches.

You will do one thing for me, and that is to trust me.

Cartwright, a Baker Street Irregular, arrives to convey Sir Henry to his hotel.

The comic Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard questions Holmes about Sir Henry's visit.

Holmes questions cabdriver Clayton about her mysterious passenger.

Holmes: I assume he will qualify as police, Clayton?
Clayton: Close enough.

Mr. Barrymore, the butler of Baskerville Hall, greeting Sir Henry and Dr. Watson.

Dr. Watson, Jack Stapleton, and Dr. Mortimer meet on the moor. The object at left represents a camera.

Stapleton spots a butteryfly.

Dr. Watson is warned by Beryl Stapleton in vague but ominous terms.

Disguised Inspector Lestrade takes off his shoes after falling into a pond.

Mrs. Perkins, a servant in Baskerville Hall, informs Sir Henry of the escaped convict.

Mr. and Mrs. Barrymore with a parcel of Sir Henry's old clothes.

Dr. Watson and Jack Stapleton in after-dinner conversation.

Mr. Frankland, a neighboring Scotsman with a penchant for suing people.

Sir Henry and Beryl join the conversation.

Mr. Frankland accuses Dr. Watson of trespassing.

Sherlock Holmes removes the disguise which lead Dr. Watson to think that he was Frankland.

Holmes with his pipe elucidates the investigation to a bewildered Dr. Watson.

Cartwright recognizes the disguised Inspector Lestrade.

Holmes and Watson examine the portrait of Sir Hugo Baskerville.

Holmes announces the death of the escaped convict Seldon, to Seldon's sister, Mrs. Barrymore. The Barrymores had been supplying Seldon with food and clothing.

I depend upon the opposite. He will strike immediately.

Lestrade, Watson, and Holmes free Beryl from the crypt.

Stapleton threatening Holmes. Lestrade has fainted in the background.

Holmes explains the case to the revived Lestrade.

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