Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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This production by West End Studio Theater on 8 and 10 Aug 2008 was the culmination of a two-week camp (10 4-hour days). The cast of 27 kids did a good job with about 70 roles, doing lot of fast costume changes. They had to do their own prop handling also, as there were no adults backstage.

Abe did not have a lead in this play, but had three fairly substantial character parts: Dirk Cresswell (a young wizard), Mundungus Fletcher (a Cockney thief), Bogrod (a goblin guard at Gringott's), and James Potter (both as a memory of young James and as a ghost).

The director, Terri Steinmann, does a fantastic job of matching kids to their parts and getting excellent performances out of the kids, while keeping their enthusiasm for the theater high

The pictures below have links to larger images.

Dirk Cresswell talking to Uncle Vernon.

Mundungus Fletcher, having been polyjuiced to Harry Potter, is standing next to Tonks.

House-elf Kreacher has captured Mundungus and brought him before Harry.

Dirk Cresswell is on the run and has met up with Dean Thomas and Griphook the goblin. Dirk is in the middle, frying a salmon.

Bogrod with a Probity Probe, guarding the entrance to Gringotts.

Bogrod, a goblin guard at Gringotts, has been placed under the Imperius Curse, forcing him to obey Harry Potter.

The prop for the Gringotts cart broke as Harry attempted to get into it.

Bogrod has just opened the Lestranges vault at Gringotts for Harry and accomplices.

Bogrod, no longer imperiused, is sounding the alarm and running to fetch help.

In Snape's memory, young James Potter is seen with Headmaster Dumbledore and young Severus Snape.

Young James Potter, full of himself, as seen in Snape's memory.

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