Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince

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This production by West End Studio Theatre on 22 July 2007 was the culmination of a two-week camp (10 6.5-hour days). The cast of 44 kids did an amazing job on a huge script (68 pages, for a 3-hour performance).

The pictures below have links to larger images—they came out a bit dark, because of the mood lighting.

Selena, Abe, and Millie as Hogwarts students

Abe as Caractus Burke of Borgins and Burke

Abe again as Caractus Burke of Borgins and Burke

Abe as Dean Thoms with Ginny Weasley

Abe as Dean Thomas playing catcher in a Quidditch match

Abe as Fenrir Greyback (the werewolf king) with Draco Malfoy

Abe as Fenrir Greyback

sketch of Kevin Karplus by Abe
Kevin Karplus's home page
Abe as Alfonso Churchill
Abe's theater page

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