First Conservatory (WEST)

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The West End Studio Theatre offers a one-week conservatory for tweens and young teens (grades 6–9). On the last day of the conservatory they presented a showcase of their work, lasting just under an hour. Unlike the conservatory for teenagers in the preceeding weeks, this conservatory did modern works (since about 1870), rather than Shakespeare. Each student did a monologue from the Spoon River Anthology, and did one two-person scene from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!, The Importance of Being Earnest, Pride and Prejudice, A Perfect Analysis Given By a Parrot, or Waiting for Godot.

The main instructors were Terri Steinmann, Shashona Brooks, Lori Rivera?, and Salvador.

The pictures below have links to larger images.

Abe as Alfonso Churchill (Spoon River Anthology)

Abe as Alfonso Churchill (Spoon River Anthology)

Abe as Linus, being queried by Gillian as Lucy.

Every once in a while, Linus says the right thing.

Sam, Zach, and Abe contemplating the set.

Gillian doing her monologue. Abe watches from the background.

The ensemble did a lot of milling about between scenes.

Gracie caught in a grimace as Rosie Roberts.

Delilah as Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Delilah shrugs.

Delilah as Cecily in The Importance of Being Earnest.

Delilah as Cecily and Timmy as Algernon pretending to be Earnest in The Importance of Being Earnest.


Isabel as Mary McNeely.

Isabel as Lucy dominates Ian as Charlie Brown.

Isabel as Lucy questioning Ian as Charlie Brown.

Ian playing the town drunk, Oscar Hummel.

Lauren as Elizabeth and Melissa as Charlotte in Pride and Prejudice.

Melissa and Lauren in Pride and Prejudice.

Lauren as Gwendolen and Milli as Cecily in The Importance of Being Earnest.

Seamus as Linus, sucking his thumb.

Seamus as Linus and Gillian as Lucy, planning to become a queen.

Milli as Zenas Witt.

Milli and Isabel starting the singing of "Shine on Harvest Moon".

Maisie as Bessie and Gracie as Flora getting pedicures in A Perfect Analysis Given by a Parrot.

Sam pointing, as "Ace" Shaw.

Seamus introducing the scenes from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown by miming discovery of a Peanuts book.

Timmy, the Town Marshal.

Sam as Estragon and Zach as Vladimir in Waiting for Godot.

Sam and Zach still waiting for Godot.

Zach as Barry Holden.

Terri Steinmann, the director.

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