Final Dress Rehearsal

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This production by West End Studio Theater on 2-3 April 2008 was one of the shortest plays we've seen at W.E.S.T. "Final Dress Rehearsal" is a farce by Jack Frakes from 1960, with rather predictable jokes about a disastrous dress rehearsal. Because this one-act play is so short, they had more time to run through it and rehearse than usual, so the play was more polished than many W.E.S.T. classes manage.

The pictures below have links to larger images—they came out a bit dark and some have motion blur, because of the lighting. (I've taken to using 1/30 second exposures and trying to correct the under exposure in Photoshop).

Mandy Metcalfe, the lead instructor, and Ava Klein, the teen assistant

Abe had the part of the "author" of Cinderella, the play that was supposedly being rehearsed. He borrowed my old glasses from the late 60s, so as to look the part better.

Near the beginning of the play, the actor is invited to say a few words to the actors. It is the longest speech of the play.

The actors are not impressed with the author's speech.

The author chides the director for walking through the "walls" of the set.

The director explains to the author that there aren't going to be any walls for the set.

The director insults the author.

"Have you ever heard of Konstatin Stanislavski?

"Pretend you're a caterpillar"

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