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This production by the 6th grade class of Spring Hill School on 16 April 2008 was short (about 40 minutes) but hilarious. The script for "Fairly Stupid Tales" was adpated from the book The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales by Jon Scieszka (Author) and Lane Smith (Illustrator).

This is not the world's first attempt at a stage version of The Stinky Cheese Man, but the kids did not use an existing script---they did the adaptation themselves. The kids did a great job of capturing the essence of the humor. The acting was very good, and the director (Jennifer Riddle, the 3rd grade teacher) directed them well. This was one of the best productions by children that I have seen.

Abe had the part of Jack, the narrator of the story. It had the most lines of any part, but the costume was a bit boring. Michele painted the backdrops and made several of the props.

The pictures below have links to larger images—they came out a bit dark and some have motion blur, because of the lighting. (I've taken to using 1/30 second exposures and trying to correct the under exposure in Photoshop).

Jennifer Riddle, the 3rd grade teacher and director for the 6th-grade play.

Abe had the part of Jack, the narrator, who was trying to put the play together. Here he is in the opening scene, with a clipboard.

Here the narrator tells the story of "Little Red Running Shorts".

Jack, pointing out to Little Red Running Shorts and the Wolf that they are next in the program.

Jack tells "the best story in the whole, wide world—my story".

Jack asking the giant to climb back up the beanstalk. The giant was played by the shortest person in the class, whose real name was Jack.

The giant (played by Jack) grabs Jack (played by Abe).

"There's only one thing to do..." Jack tells an infinite story.

Casey Ryan (the 6th grade teacher) and Jennifer Riddle (the 3rd grade teacher).

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