Adventures of a Comic Book Artist

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This production by West End Studio Theater on 17-18 August 2007 was the culmination of a two-week camp (10 3-hour days). The cast of 13 kids was a little small, so they had to cut some of the script. They played it as straight drama, though the original script was for a musical. (The script can be ordered from Pioneer Drama Service, and their website has short clips from the songs.)

The pictures below have links to larger images—they came out a bit dark, because of the lighting, though not as much correction was needed as for the previous (Harry Potter) play.

Kelsey Holtaway, director

Stage-left scenery

The narrator's slippers

Drawing of Dr. Shock Clock with magic pens

Dr. Shock Clock comes alive

Dr. Shock Clock with Minutos

Dr. Shock Clock with Minutos and comic-book artists

Dr. Shock Clock with publisher, Mr. Wunderman

Dr. Shock Clock, supervillain

Dr. Shock Clock stops time

Dr. Shock Clock, showing his villainy by snatching a purse

Dr. Shock Clock defeats Triple Time

Dr. Shock Clock takes Star Guy's charisma ray, while Blossom is frozen

Dr. Shock Clock after stealing singer Rottenpenny's coin collection

Dr. Shock Clock faces Eraserman

Dr. Shock Clock, after Eraserman erases an arm

Dr. Shock Clock with both arms erased

After the second performance

Abe gets supercallifragilisticexpialidocious award

sketch of Kevin Karplus by Abe
Kevin Karplus's home page
Abe as Alfonso Churchill
Abe's theater page

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