The Ballad of 423 and 424

(Last Update: 14:12 PST 6 November 2018 )

Abe was cast as Roderick in The Ballad of 423 and 424 by Nicholas C. Pappas, as part of the Fall One-Acts show at UCSB November 2–4, 2018. Sara Neal played Ellen.

The Fall One-Acts serve as capstone projects for the directing concentration of the Theater Arts BA at UCSB, with each of students in the program directing one of the plays. Stefan James selected and directed The Ballad of 423 and 424.

Abe received numerous compliments on his performance as Roderick, including from the playwright himself.

Photos were not permitted during the shows, but a few shots after the closing show were taken. The pictures below have links to larger images.

Abe and Sara in costume, but closer than they ever get in the play.

The director, Stefan, and Abe after the closing show.

Stefan and Abe again.

Roderick and Ellen in a characteristic pose. I believe this is from the "you're not the Thai food guy" scene.

Roderick offering his hand to be sniffed, so that they can become friends.

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