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This page is a catch-all for education bookmarks that don't fit in math, science, or left-handed writing.

Book lists

Abe's reading log
Occassionally, Abe is required to maintain a reading log for school or a library program. When that happens, we try to put a copy of the log on-line, so that relatives can find out what he is reading. Most of his reading is not recorded, even when he is keeping a log, so the lists should not be seen as comprehensive.

I have moved the pointers to other book lists to the reading log web page.

Free Digital Textbook Initiative
Free digital texts (mainly in science and math), with notes about how well they allign to the california content standards.

Gifted Education

Hoagies' Gifted Education Page
Sites within Hoagies' Gifted Education
Iowa Accel. Scale
Current Use
Free online (self-taught) classes from Carnegie-Mellon.
http://www.nagc.org/ National Association for Gifted Children
California Association for the Gifted They have a newsletter http://cagifted.org/gec.htm that is mostly NOT online---you have to subscribe to it. There are a very small number of sample articles (not enough to judge whether the newsletter is valuable or not). One article that seems moderately useful is a list of "language arts" web sites http://cagifted.org/gec33342.htm Unfortunately, they did not bother to make the URLs listed in the article active, so you have to cut and paste to follow the links.
A report (in 2 volumes) on the advantages of various forms of acceleration for gifted students. Contains a good list of gifted programs (such as EPGY, CTY, ...) and competitions in Appendix F of vol 1.
www.aagc.org American Association for the Gifted
The Gifted Kids' Survival Guide for Ages 10 and Under
This book was recommended on some mailing lists, and it was a cheap paperback so we bought it. It turned out to have very little of interest for a highly gifted kid, and we did not find it to be very well written.
Guide to getting A+ grades. This was recommended on one of the gifted-kid mailing lists for underachievers, but we haven't needed to look for it yet.
Summer Institute for the Gifted. Three-week residential summer camp programs at Amherst, Bryn Mawr, Drew, Oberlin, Princeton, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and Vassar (grades 4-11). Day camp programs at Fairfield, Hoftstra, Manhattanville, and Moorestown (grades K-6).
www.cec.sped.org Council for Exceptional Children
The Association for the Gifted (a division of CEC) Web site seems to have moved recently, and internal pointers still point to old site (24 Nov 2001), so URLS had to be manually retyped, making exploration hard. Still, this organization doesn't seem to have much on its web site.
Gifted Education
Spring Hill Private School for Gifted Children in Santa Cruz, California
Abe started attending this school in 4th grade. They do seem to live up to their philosophy of providing challenge for each child, doing subject acceleration as needed and differentiating well.
www.fpsp.org Future Problem Solvers
National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented
list of gifted & talented resources on the web.
TAG family Network (This page seems to have disappeared, and Google has only web pages that point to it.)
www.worldgifted.org World council for Gifted and Talented Children
very short list of organizations supporting gifted education, no links.
Hollingworth Center for Highly Gifted Children. Web site contains mainly pointers to articles about gifted education---mostly worth reading.
Has online courses in math and computer science for advanced secondary school students. About $150 a course.
list of gifted & talented resources on the web.
publisher for gifted children, has magazine written by kids called "Creative Kids" written by 8-14-year-olds, also has a magazine for teachers/parents, and two professional journals. They have a short, but promising, list of books they publish.
An online bookstore for children's books.
A message forum for parents of accelerated learners under the http://welltrainedmind.com/, which is a book on "classical education at home". Heavily into home-schooling, of course, but some interesting discussions.
Charges $10 a year for "membership", but apparently has no privacy policy---they probably make their money selling mailing lists.
Seems like a generic commercial site for kids---not specifically for GATE.
The Davidson Institute provides information and support for educating profoundly gifted children (approximately IQ above 145). There are a lot of articles (they claim over 260) on this web site, at least some of which seem to be quite good. Their free "Davidson Young Scholars" program sounds particularly interesting.
Has reading lists and messages to gifted kids, and a page of parent resources.

University talent search and distance learning for GATE kids

See a more complete list at ericec.org/gifted/gt-univ.html

www-atdp.berkeley.edu/ UC Berkeley Academic Talent development program
(programs in the East Bay for k-11).
http://www-epgy.stanford.edu/ Stanford's Education Program for Gifted Youth (distance learning)
http://www.jhu.edu/gifted/ Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (distance learning)
Acceleration: Evaluating the Controversy over Higher-Speed Education
A very balanced article about accelerating students.
Duke University talent Identification Program
A research and enrichment program run by Columbia University. Web site seems rather dated (accepting applications for 1998 summer camp), and program appears to be available only in New York. program focuses on preschool, though math/science classes extend up to grade 4.

Government sites (not specifically for GATE)

California Department of Education
US department of education
Jacob C. Javits Gifted and Talented Education Program (US government dept of education). This is a grant program for schools and education bureaucracies. They also fund the National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented (see list above).
http://www.clrn.org/home/ California Learning Resource Network
California Department of Education to "provide a one-stop information source that enables California educators to identify supplemental electronic learning resources that both meet local instructional needs and embody the implementation of California curriculum frameworks and standards."

Most of the resources (in the small sampling I did) seem to be for older kids who are "at or below grade level"---not enrichment for advanced students. A worthy use of taxpayer funds, but not my current needs.


ericae.net/testcol.htm ERIC clearinghouse on assessment and evaluation---has information about almost all the relevant tests (search for "gifted", for example).
College Board
Educational Testing Service

Miscellaneous sites

A collection of pointers to virtual museum tours and other virtual field trips. Not as exciting as a real field trip, but potentially useful for those stuck miles from any museums or other traditional field trip sites.
A collection of pointers to other sites covering lesson plans, learning tools, educational games, ... . Not a particularly exciting site, and the links are rather loosely categorized, but there may be something worth following up in some of them.
is a website that reports graduation rates for universities. You can search by institution and let them pick "comparable" institutions, or define what you think are comparable institutions and do your own comparison.
"Write Like a Babylonian---see your monogram in cuneiform, the way an ancient Babylonian might have written it." Quite a fun site. We used it to prepare monograms for kids to copy onto clay tablets for "Sumeria Day" in 4th grade.
5-Pointed Star in One Snip
Five-Pointed Star - Enchanted Learning Software
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Language (Ring Around the Rosie)
A tabular review of 7 different introductory Latin programs.
A source of free puzzles on the web of various sorts (math, logic, word puzzles, ...)
How to tie shoelaces securely
The Hurried Child
Many pointers to articles about failures of educational institutions and pedagogic techniques.

There are articles railing against the misuse of computers in education on the page http://www.illinoisloop.org/computers.html

NAEYC resources: technology---what parents should know
international Baccalaureate
The site that replaces the old ERIC search sites. This is an entry point for ERIC searches.
The site for gifted education pre-answered questions and links at eduref. Not very informative.
Educational resources information center---the official entry point for ERIC searches.
Has a searchable database of "gifted education programs", but the database is small, having only 3 programs in California. Has a list of publishers and distributors of books for gifted education.
These are the "tags" that are supposed to be used for sorting out messages on the misc.kids.moderated newsgroup. Few use any tag other than the [META] tag for discussions about the moderation.
Must-Have Skills for First Grade
Some useful info, but very obnoxious pop-up ads. Info has no credits or sources, so hard to verify.
Yahooligans! - School Bell:Language Arts:Books
List of sites about specific children's books, organized by book title.
Lego set inventories
Brickbay - The Unofficial Online LEGO Shopping Mall
Welcome to the Varieties of the Balloon Hat Experience
Web page for Addi Somekh and Charlie Eckert and their voyage to make and photograph balloon hats around the world.
Tom Chapin's Official Web Site
Someone recommended this singer for both kids and adults, but I haven't listened to any of his stuff yet.
Gunnar Madsen has done a couple of great CDs for kids: Old Mr. Mackle Hackle and Ants in My Pants.
Overview of Learning to Read and Write: Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Young Children
A joint position of the International Reading Association (IRA) and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
AMC Montessori Resource Directory. Pointers to several commercial companies with various educational products.
A commercial site explaining the "paint-by-grids" method for teaching sketching preliminary to painting, for a company that sells canvases with wash-off grids and clear plastic grids to place over photos.
A site for short mystery stories for kids.
An interesting essay defending the need for children to read a fair amount of rubbish.

Seattle schools

Sabbaticals in Spring 2002 and Spring 2004 forced me to find appropriate schooling for my son in Seattle.
An unofficial overview of the APP program.
Madrona School, where Abe went in Spring 2002, though at that time the school was temporarily located in a different place, in the Lincoln? High School building.
The (private) school he went to in Spring 2004.

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