HTML documentation

HTML documentation

Hypertext Markup Language [HTML]

HTML Quick Reference Guide
This is the source that I probably use most often, since it contains a very concise list of HTML commands. It is not as tutorial as some of the other references, but is good for a quick reminder.
Beginner's Guide to HTML
Hypertext Markup Language
HTML 2.0 Specifications
Web Weavers Page
WWW & HTML De velopers Reference Page
Style Guide for online hypertext document structures
Style Guide from Yale
UC Santa Cruz -- CE/CS cgiwrap tutorial
for script writing and installation on CE/CS department computers.
Style Guide (originally for VSNS-PPS online protein structures class)
All About LaTeX2HTML
WWW2 Electronic Proceedings
Hypertext Markup Language - 2.0 - The HTML Coded Character Set
HTML 4.0 Specification

Other indexes to HTML documentation

UC Santa Cruz Library / Guide to Internet Resources
UC Santa Cruz WWW policies
A must-read page for UCSC web designers. This has some important info about making web pages accessible to the disabled, some generic style advice, and some pointers to checkers that look for consistency with HTML standards.
UC Santa Cruz (CSE) -- HTML Documentation Index

Possibly outdated pointers

HTML Guidelines