jayanth yetukuri



Projects I have worked on:

1. Estimating Ambient Population of an Arbitrary Geographical region

• We illustrate an approach to estimate the ambient population of an ad hoc region in a given time interval based on human mobility data obtained from user mobile engagement activity. We utilize a geo-hash based representation of arbitrary regions and propose a flexible approach to downscale and aggregate human mobility data accordingly..

2. Scatter plot smoothing technique

• Working on a scatter plot smoothing technique (we call it Group Shift Smoothing technique) to enhance the visual comprehensibility for efficiently fitting a regression model.

Industry experience:

Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.

• Worked on a modular Automation framework for Retail Insights testing with an additional responsibility of leading a five member team. Test Data generation module can be configured for any table in the database and it will generate data considering multiple conditions including foreign key, inter column dependency, random data, etc. Functional Testing module includes packages which are invoked during regression testing. The aim of this module is to accommodate the entire functional testing. Data Validation module includes verification of the data obtained and loaded from the Retail Insights customers.

• Worked on the foundation of Automation framework for testing of Retail Insights. Automation framework includes developing libraries for both front-end testing and back-end data generation etc. Front end report validation includes automated report generation using Openscript tool and report validation with the dynamically generated expected query. Further, the final goal is to develop a framework for data generation and multiple report validations with just one click.

• Worked on developing ideas and tools to automate the Integration Testing of 7 retail products which was a step towards the goal of complete Automated Integration Testing. The tools include database validation, checking the strength of seed data, status of various environments, comparing data in environments. Understanding the integration of retail products, automating the test steps of the process, validating the data flow and reducing the man days required for actual testing by almost 40 percent were few of the goals I achieved in the span of 1 year.


Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.

• Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering, University of California, Santa Cruz. expected: June 2022

• M.Tech. in Computer Science, University of Hyderabad

• B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University


Dr. Madhusudan Therani

Chief Technology Officer, Near.co.

Dr. Tony C Scott

Principal Data Scientist, Near.co.

Dr. Subramanya Bharadwaj

Researcher in the Corporate Research at Researching and Technology center at Bosch India.


If you can't find me in the lab, I will be in the gym. I am a proponent of active living. Some of my hobbies include running, cycling, boxing. I also sketch. Some of my amateur sketches can be found at jayofalltrades_

Reach me:

• +1 (831) 400-6736