Josh Stuart

Professor, Biomolecular Engineering Department
Baskin Engineering Endowed Chair
Associate Director, Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering
Alfred P. Sloan Fellow, 2005-2012

Lab webpage [HTML]
Curriculum Vitae [PDF]

jstuart 'at'
1156 High Street
Mail Stop: SOE2
UC Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA 95066
831 459 1344 (office)
831 459 4829 (fax)

Research interests

I am interested in computational approaches for predicting how genes function and discovering how their functions can be regulated and manipulated to produce orchestrated cellular responses.  I am particularly interested in approaches that combine genome-wide functional data across multiple organisms to identify mechanisms of gene activity in stem cells and cancer, and to understand how these genetic networks evolve.

  • Discovering pathways underlying carcinogenesis. Work with David Haussler
  • Discovering molecular pathways targeted by bioactive compounds. With Scott Lokey in Chemistry.
  • Discovering molecular signatures for stem-cells. With Camilla Forsberg in BME.
  • Developing algorithms to detect genetic interactions from high-throughput data. Work on C. elegans interactions with Peter Roy at the University of Toronto, V. cholerae networks with Fitnat Yildiz in Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology, and interactions underlying colon cancer invasiveness with Norm Lee at GW.

List Publications [link]


  • BME 211 - Computational Systems Biology.
  • BME 230 - Computational Genomics. (with David Haussler)
  • BME 60 - Programming for Biologists and Biochemists.
  • BME 210 - Application and Analysis of Microarrays (with Todd Lowe)
  • BME 280b - Bioinformatics Graduate Seminar



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