Joseph Adamson

MSc. Student, Computer Engineering
Teaching Assistant, Comp. Engineering Capstone/Senior Design
University of California, Santa Cruz

Email: jmadamso at
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Welcome to my website! I tried to code it from scratch, so it might get fancier as I learn more HTML-- but it might not!

I'm a computer engineering grad student, placing emphasis in my studies upon robotic systems and the control/estimation thereof. For many years, my love affair with engineering has kept me hungry for knowledge, and pursuing a graduate degree in the topic is allowing me to fully sate that hunger one class at a time, as well as get my hands dirty with a major project.

Alongside classes, I've just wrapped up the year as a teaching assistant for the undergrad Computer Engineering capstone class, which placed me and my fellow TA in a role of management and mentorship for several small teams. My students honed their skills, explored highly specialized topics, and explored their interests while learning engineering design cycle principles, group dynamics, professional/technical communication, and other engineering skills. During this time I have discovered a love for teaching, as it's quite exciting to understand a problem and work with other people to best frame the topic to help it click for them.


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