Jincheng Li

Computer Science
University of California, Santa Cruz
Email: jli479@ucsc.edu
Github: https://github.com/JinchengKim

Research & work

  • How to apply ML modle into application is my pursue, like face recognition and object detection.
  • I am interested in application(game) development including iOS, unity , wechat miniapp and wechat minigame.

  • Interested papers:

    A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style
    Perceptual Losses for Real-Time Style Transfer and Super-Resolution


    • Write and publish iOS App
    • Make Unity games
    • I hate reading books
    • Drink milktea and keep fit
    • I love my girlfriend



    Joyrun is a running software with anti-cheating function. You can attend online run match, make friend and share your own running experience here.

    Duoyi Cloud(team)

    Duoyi Cloud is an office automation software with network disk, VOIP and video chat functions.


    This is a weather forecast iOS app which also provides beautiful images for users.


  • Guangzhou Duoyi Network Co., Ltd. Guangzhou, China iOS SDE
  • Guangzhou Yuepao Information Technology Co., Ltd. iOS Intern