Ceph Development Environemnt In Docker

Posted on June 17, 2015 by ivotron

Today is my first week as a RedHat summer intern, yay! I will be working as part of the Ceph development team. One of the first tasks I've gone through is setting up the Ceph development environment. I choose to do it in Docker. Following this post by Loïc Dachary, I created a Dockerfile that prepares an image with all the necessary packages to build and run unit tests.

To go from zero to hacking:

git clone https://github.com/ceph/ceph.git
docker pull ivotron/cephdev
docker run --rm -ti -v `pwd`/ceph:/cephsrc ivotron/cephdev-build

Then, inside the container:

cd /cephsrc
./configure \
  --disable-static --with-debug \
  CC='ccache gcc' CFLAGS="-Wall -g" \
  CXX='ccache g++' CXXFLAGS="-Wall -g"
make -j4
make check

The above compiles and runs the unit tests.