Using Lanyrd for Academic Conferences

Posted on December 11, 2010 by ivotron

This quarter I found out about Lanyrd (a word-play for lanyard). It is a social-media oriented site targeted at users who may want to socialize information about conferences. Most of the current postings are related to technology, like OSCON, PGCon RailsConf, etc.. but I think it could also be very useful for Academic conferences.

In some academic fields (particularly in the area of Database and Information Management, which is where my research interests lie in) conferences are big, in the sense that most of the work that gets published is on the Proceedings of these events. Most of the people I know organize their schedule based on the dates when ICDE, VLDB, SIGMOD/PODS, CIDR (among others) take place. This contrasts with other areas where journals are the main scientific communication medium.

I think having something like Lanyrd is very cool and I'd love to see more DB-related (and scientific in general) events get posted to it. I've added entries for next year's ICDE, VLDB and CIDR. I also have sent a request to the creators to suggest them to include more deadlines to a call. Currently they only have fields for initial (abstract request) and final (notification) deadlines but many conferences have dates for abstract, notification, full-paper, and camera-ready.

So if you publish your work through conferences, I encourage you to start using Lanyrd!

As a side note, before Lanyrd I was using this nice conference listing maintained by Bin Zhou. I created a calendar out of it and a Yahoo pipe that takes the calendar's feed and converts it into a map. Lanyard provides a calendar for each user (just append<user>/<user>.ics to your profile's URL). So no map yet but I guess it's something they may be considering to add in the future. In the meantime I'm getting a calendar from another yahoo pipe but now it uses Lanyrd as the calendar source:

Update 12/12/10: Found SIGMOD 2011 entry added by [???]m. Nice :)