Plastic Identification Numbers to Avoid

Posted on December 10, 2010 by ivotron

Klean Kanteen by mason13a, on Flickr
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So the quarter is over and from the many things I learned (besides the academic topics) is the following about plastic bottles. In short, the plastc IDs to avoid are: 1, 3, 6 and 7. As mentioned here the other numbers aren't guaranteed to be safe, it's just that they haven't been studied more. To be safe, I'm avoiding any kind of plastic from now on, specially for my portable H2O source.

I've been carrying a water bottle for almost 10 years now, so I wonder if I've had any kind of damage yet. I hope not..

Now the (not so) long story.

I attended a workshop offered by the fine people at the Graduate Student Commons, it was imparted by Jocelyn Dubin from the Nourish wellness center and among the many things she mentioned about how to eat healthy, she cited a research study and told us the plastic IDs we should avoid. I'm thankful to the Grad Commons people for organizing these events, they really help us to live better :)