PDF Annotations in Linux

Posted on November 29, 2010 by ivotron

Today I found that a (relatively) new effort that will make PDF annotation in Linux a reality, which is really cool given the fact that we're almost in the year 2011 and, while all other platforms enjoy of a many alternatives for accomplishing this, we in the Linux world are lacking this essential functionality (at least for any person working in Academia).

In the meantime, AFAIK, the only available alternatives are:

  1. PDF-XChange through Wine
  2. Mendeley and its (sort-of useless) PDF annotation.

Mendeley devs say they will fix exported PDF annotations for version 1.0 of their software. Until then, PDF-XChange is the only functional alternative for PDF annotation in Linux.

Update 09/20/2011: I've found out what I've been looking for ages, the ultimate PDF application. The only problem: it's only available for Android. However, I've also found out this gem: SuperPad 2 / FlyTouch 3. I'm getting one as soon as I have the money.