AMS 11B Mathematical Methods for Economists II, Spring 2019

Important Announcements

Lecture Schedule and Homework Assignments
Complete each assignment by due date and check with posted solutions.
Week 1 (04/02, 04/04)           Solution of Homework #1
Week 2 (04/09, 04/11)           Solution of Homework #2
Week 3 (04/16, 04/18)           Solution of Homework #3
Week 4 (04/23, 04/25)           Solution of Homework #4
Week 5 (04/30, 05/02)           Solution of Homework #5
Week 6 (05/07, 05/09)           Solution of Homework #6       Midterm Exam with Solution
Week 7 (05/14, 05/16)           Solution of Homework #7
Week 8 (05/21, 05/23)           Solution of Homework #8
Week 9 (05/28, 05/30)           Solution of Homework #9
Week 10 (06/04, 06/06)

Course description:
Mathematical tools and reasoning, with applications to economics. Topics are drawn from multivariable differential calculus and single variable integral calculus, and include partial derivatives, linear and quadratic approximation, optimization with and without constraints, Lagrange multipliers, definite and indefinite integrals, and elementary differential equations.
Lectures: TuTh 7:10-8:45PM at JBE 101 (Auditorium)
Instructor: Hongyun Wang (email:
Office hours: Monday 9:00am-11:00am at BE 369 (office) or at BE 358 (conference room)
Discussion Sections (starting in the week of 04/08/2019):
Section A: Wednesday 5:20-6:25pm at Earth & Marine Sciences B210
Section B: Wednesday 6:40-7:45pm at Earth & Marine Sciences B210
Section C: Tuesday 3:20-4:25pm at Earth & Marine Sciences B210
Section D: Monday 12:00-1:05pm at Earth & Marine Sciences B210
        TA for Sections B & D: Jacob Noone Wade (email:
                Office hours: Wednesday 1pm-3pm at E2 586
        TA for Sections A and C: Yuanran Zhu (email:
                Office hours: Thursday 2pm-4pm at BE 119
Introductory Mathematical Analysis for Business, Economics, and the Life and Social Sciences,
by Haeussler, Paul and Wood, 13th edition, Pearson 2010
Grading policy: The higher one of
(Midterm, 40%) + (Final, 60%)
OR (Final, 100%)
Important Dates:
Midterm Exam: Tuesday 05/07/2019, in class (7:10-8:45pm)
Final Exam: Thursday 06/13/2019, 7:30-9:30pm.