AMS 10 Mathematical Methods for Engineers I, Winter 2018

Important Announcements

Homework Assignments and Handouts
Submit your homework by depositing it into a drop-box designated for AMS 10, located near Jacks Lounge (on the first floor of BE). Click here for a map to help you find Jacks Lounge.
Please print your name, your section and the assignment # clearly on the first page of your homework.

Week 1 (01/09, 01/11)           Solutions of Homework #1
Week 2 (01/16, 01/18)           Solutions of Homework #2
Week 3 (01/23, 01/25)           Solutions of Homework #3
Week 4 (01/30, 02/01)           Solutions of Homework #4
Week 5 (02/06, 02/08)           A brief review for midterm     Solutions of Homework #5
Week 6 (02/13, 02/15)           Midterm Exam with Solutions         Solutions of Homework #6
Week 7 (02/20, 02/22)           Solutions of Homework #7
Week 8 (02/27, 03/01)           Solutions of Homework #8
Week 9 (03/06, 03/08)           Solutions of Homework #9
Week 10 (03/13, 03/15)         Solutions of Homework #10

Course description:
This is a course on complex numbers and linear algebra integrating Matlab as a computational support tool. The topics include introduction to complex algebra, system of linear equations, vectors, matrix algebra, inverses and determinants, eigenvalue and eigenvector, vector space, orthogonality, etc.
Lectures: TuTh 7:10-8:45PM at Baskin Engineering Auditorium 101
Instructor: Hongyun Wang (Email: hongwang AT soe DOT ucsc DOT edu)
Office hours: Thursday 9:00AM-11:00am at BE 369 (office) or at BE 358 (conference room)
Class web:
Discussion Sections / Labs (starting 01/16/2018):
Section A: Monday 8:00-10:00pm at BE 109
Section B: Friday 5:30- 7:30pm at BE 109
Section C: Friday 7:30- 9:30pm at BE 109
Section D: Thursday 1:15-3:15pm at Ming Ong Lab (Merrill Room 103)
Section E: Friday 3:15- 5:15pm at Soc Sci I Windows Lab (Room 135)
        TA for Sections A, B & C: Michael Lavell (Email: mlavell AT ucsc DOT edu)
                Office hours: Wednesday 9-10am at BE 121
        TA for Sections D and E: Matthew Simms (Email: mmsimms AT soe DOT ucsc DOT edu)
                Office hours: Thursday 12pm-1pm at BE 121, Friday 1pm-3pm at BE 312C/D
Linear Algebra and Its Applications (4th Edition or any later edition) by David C. Lay, Addison-Wesley
Grading policy: The highest of
(Midterm, 40%) + (Final, 60%)
OR (Final, 100%)
Important Dates:
Midterm Exam: Tuesday 02/13/2018, in class (7:10-8:45pm)
Final Exam: Wednesday 03/21/2018, 7:30-10:30pm.