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There are several different 4K Ultra HDTVs that you’ll be able to choose from, but like other products, not all of them are created with the same quality or features.

There’s no reason that you can’t get top quality along with a lot of features for the same price. Innovative panel technology distinguishes the LG 55UB8500 from the rest of the pack, making it stand out as one of the leaders in entertainment products.

This television has the IPS or the In-Plane Switching panel that creates one of a kind viewing. What this means is that you don’t have to sit in a “sweet spot” to enjoy viewing content like you do with some flatter screen televisions.

With this one, regardless of where you’re sitting, you’ll end up getting the best angle. Besides the panel, the LG 55UB8500 has the Tru-4K Engine. This is the enhancer that gives you a quality resolution.

Like an upgrade to content that’s not upgraded. That means that you won’t have to wait for movies or your other media to be created with 4K technology in order to enjoy it.

You can go ahead and use whatever media that you currently have. This enhancer will ensure that you get great quality every time you watch one of your older technology items.

The High Efficiency Video Coding or HEVC is what’s used with 4K technology. With 4K, it’s going to keep on advancing and keep on creating marvelous ways for consumers to enjoy their entertainment.

This is an important feature for a 4K television. You need the decoder in order to view future content as it changes. It has the new WebOS platform for better tracking of what kind of content that you want to see.

When you watch certain fast paced things on a larger television, such as sports - or you’re playing your video games, you can sometimes get a jump. This television prevents that with the UCI or Ultra Clarity Index that's just for LG Ultra HD televisions.

Because this is a Smart television, viewing content has never been easier or faster. You can hook up with content companies such as Netflix or YouTube and have what you want to see brought up fast.

You’ll be able to go through shows and movies for your selection and applications as well. Since each customer is different and has different content they prefer, this model allows users to set up the home screen with media that’s favorited.

Plus, this television comes with a magic remote. Using this remote lets users do more than simply change the channel. You can use it to control your music, the movies you want to see and even games. The remote can respond with touch or voice commands.

LG 55UB8500 Review

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