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Industrial Electronic Design

Indian EMS provider: Syrmatech

Syrma Technology Pvt. Ltd. is Precision Coils are manufactured by a leading electronics manufacturing company, which, RFID Tags, Magnetics, PCB, Transponders and PCBA for various industrial applications. Browse here at electronics manufacturing services to learn where to allow for this view. Located at Chennai, India.

Syrma has been providing coils, Magnetics and RFID to major OEM's from across the world. To explore additional information, please check-out: sponsors. With manufacturing plants all through South Asia and the increasing need of outsourcing from OEM's, Syrma has a competitive advantage by giving inexpensive good quality products and services.

Syrmatech is a electronics manufacturing company india, which manufactures RFID passive draw, RFID labels, Transponders, RFID Cards as well as Precision Coils and Magnetics for various industries program. Syrma Technology provides quality and cost effective Electronics manufacturing services and electronic components from our state of the art features.

Syrma Technology is area of the Tandon Group of Companies. Throughout the last 30 years, Tandon Group companies have been pioneers in electronic production and outsourcing design services.

Syrma has generated a standing of providing world class, good quality electronic manufacturing services to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across broad business segments: Telecommunication, Computer, Industrial Controls, Automotive and Medical.

Our operations and solutions are tailored to the medium amount, larger combination segments of our target markets. Dig up more on read this by visiting our disturbing article directory. Ongoing process changes and design creativity help us to keep an in depth eye on prices without sacrificing quality.

Punctually at the best price we always attempt to supply a quality product to the customer.

Additionally to being truly a complete company Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, Syrma has built itself as an important supplier of electronic components to major Worldwide OEMS.

Syrma Advantages:

1. Wide industry knowledge

2. Clear room atmosphere

3. High precision product output

4. Soldering under microscope

5. R&D Features

6. ISO 9001:2000 Certified

Precision Coils manufactured by Syrma are exported to Fortune 500 businesses and find their application in demanding environment. Syrma has power to design RFID Tags for ICs offered by Philips, EM Marin, Atmel, Texas, Microchip or any other company.

The RFID Tags may be shipped in Labels, Cards, Epoxy Overmoulding, Potted, Glass Tubes an such like The RFID Tags find application in Asset Tracking, catalog control, Animal Identification, Access Control or any Identification or Tracking Application. Various RFID Products are manufactured by syrma like Transponders, ISO Cards, Labels, Bracelets, Basins, Clamshell Cards and Key Fobs. Syrmatech is rolling out RFID Tags for High Temperature Environment and Metal Working Environment.

Syrma offers Magnetic Components for Telecom, Power, Lighting or some other software. Customer can be helped by syrma on Cost Reduction by working with different materials. Syrma manufactures ROHS Compliant Items. Syrmatech produce custom developed Magnetics. Our magnetic elements find application in Lighting, Home Appliances, Computers, Communication, Defense, Automotive and Consumer Electronics, and so on.

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