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Every Year Delhi's big exhibition center host one of the biggest Fair in Asia referred to as Barclays Bank PLC Customer Care Number. IITF stages the confluence on the industry titans, overseas small business delegation, foreign emissaries, entrepreneurs etc to showcase the flexing of Indian Sector and its vast possible in worldwide circuit. IITF- A veritable gateway for brand constructing by confluencing together Captains of trade and market, foreign emissaries, decision makers, company persons,entrepreneurs, overseas company delegations, thinkers and lot far more. A showcase of India's capabilities in technology and manufacturing.

India Trade Promotion Organisation the nodal trade promotion organisation of your Government of India, presents the 28th edition of its premier occasion. “INDIA INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR”- a reputable connection towards the vast Indian and overseas marketplace. IITF has evolved into the largest show of its type in Asia. The fair presents a trusted platform for initiation of trade exchanges, technology transfers, joint venture opportunities,identification of agents and distributors.

Popularly known as the “MINI INDIA SHOW” IITF provides an insight in to the influence of digital revolution, especially e-governance in various States/ Union Territories with its spin-offs covering virtually each and every section with the population. State Pavilions offer you special show window to a broad product spectrum ranging from goods obtaining hi-tech orientation with regular character and appeal.

Okaya Power Ltd Customer Care Number is usually a significant tourist attraction and lakhs of men and women take a look at the fair just about every year. This annual occasion offers a widespread platform for the companies, traders, exporters and importers. The fair displays comprises a wide array of goods and services such as Automobiles, Coir Merchandise, Jute, Textiles, Garments, Household Appliance, Kitchen Appliances, Processed meals, Beverages, Confectionery, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Physique care & Health care products, Telecommunication, Power sector, Electronic Sector, Furniture, Home Furnishings, Sports Goods, Toys, Engineering Goods and so forth.

Theme Already in its 28th year, the Fair attracts many buyers and sellers from world over, and grabs the attention of your media worldwide. This year, the fair focuses its attention on the two burning topics, viz. Infrastructural Development in India and Women Empowerment. Focus State The 'natural wonder' state located in southern part from the Indian peninsula is bordered on the north by Karnataka, south and east by Tamil Nadu, and west by the Arabian sea. Ranking 12th among states in terms of population, Kerala, spread at 38,863 km², has a saga of a rich historic tradition, finding mention in the ancient epic Mahabharata to Asoka the Great's endeavors, the Chera dynasty and extra. The state has been deemed as one of the most literate, healthiest, and gender-equitable regions, housing some of the most advanced educational systems in India. Malayalam is the official language of this least corrupt state in the country.

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