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How To Speak Spanish

Want to know how to speak Spanish rapidly? Of course it can help to understand how to ask for the bathroom, and to say hello. Right here are a few of these simple phrases, with the phonetic pronunciations:

Hola. (oh-la) Hello or hi.

Buenos dias. (bway-nos dee-ahs) Good day.

Cul es su nombre? (kwahl ays soo nohm-bray) What is your name?

Mi nombre es Jose. (mee nohm-bray ays ho-say) My name is Jose.

Dnde est el bao? (dohn-day ays-tah el bahn-yoh) Where is the bathroom?

Muchas gracias. (moo-chahs grah-see-ahs) Thank you really considerably.

Learn How To Speak Spanish Speedily

To genuinely accelerate your understanding even though, you need to have to know the standard phrases that will get the native speakers to be your teachers.

“Cmo se dice…” (co-mo say dee-say) - How do you say… To research additional info, consider taking a gaze at: privacy. and “Cul es la palabra para esto?” (kwahl ays la pah-la-brah pah-rah ays-toh) What is the word for that? are great phrases to know. You can say “Cmo se dice…” or “Cul es la palabra para esto?” and point at some thing, or use the English word, if the person you're speaking to knows a little English.

“Por favor, habla mas despacio.” (Poor fah-voor, ah-blah mahs day-spa-see-oh) Please, speak more gradually. “Yo no entiendo.” (yo no ayn-tee-en-doh) I do not comprehend. “Cmo se escribe?” (co-mo say ays-cree-bay) How do you create it?

Yo deseo aprender espaol” (yo day-say-oh ah-prayn-dair ays-spahn-yohl) I want to understand Spanish.

You are going to need to have to understand grammar, and vocabulary, of course, but speaking a language is the very best way to understand it. Spanish speakers are normally extremely tolerant, and really like to help you learn. Here are four keys to speedily learn to speak Spanish:

1. Learn the simple phrases to ask for support.

2. Carry and use an English-Spanish dictionary.

3. Devote time with native Spanish speakers.

four. Begin speaking.

This is a certain formula to find out how to speak Spanish..

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