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How exactly to disinfect the bird cage

Before placing the bird into its lodging you should do something else

Never-the less the bird cage is new, and the perches are environmentally clean, they must be cleaned carefully.. I call this procedure carbonation, because as a disinfectant gas for burning is used, and gas for cigarette lighters can be used however it can be quite expensive..

The direction to go :

Clean both bird cage and the wooden sticks with hot water and soap. Blog | Darkerpdfexk | Kiwibox Community includes new info about the meaning behind this enterprise.

Leave them dry well specially the branches since they soak with water and drench. Navigate to this webpage account to learn where to recognize this enterprise.

Prepare a towel and the gas with which to put the gas over the bird cage and the perches. I found out about iphone - by browsing newspapers. It's necessary to put gloves ( surgery or home for cleaning plates ), usually you hands will smell bad.

Somewhat damp the material, however not to drop fuel as a result, and carefully wipe the chicken cage everywhere and the perches.. Now the bird cage and the perches are completely ready to be completed and to put the bird inside..

The disinfection is quite useful for the bird because when it measures on the carbonated perches, part of the fuel gets soaked into its feet and then when scouring themselves it goes on its feathers.

It is good at least a couple of times to wash the perches with fuel and to improve them. That is why I told you in the beginning to offer yourselves with wooden sticks..

Since you are supposed to have a spare lodging for that bird, where to put it briefly. to wash the bird cage with gas is harder,. Nothing stops you from cleaning the bird cage periodically with a cloth damped with gas without washing it with soap…

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