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androidcentral.comNo it is not possible to install android in java mobile. Its hardware is not compatible with android and also it does not enough memory to install android.

What is the difference between android and java used as mobile os? java is a programming language and android is a mobile phone platform developed by google.

Can you install android application on your samsung gt-c3312? No… u Cant install 'Android' on a Java Platform….:)

What mobile Java games are available for Android devices? Some mobile Java games that are available for Android devices include Keyja, iSheep and Fifteens, Klondike, Napoleon and Hearts. The variety and type are almost endless.

Can I install java program in mobile device? Most mobile devices do not have the capability of handling the Java program.

How do you install java script on Android phone? JavaScript comes pre-installed with the browser that Android runs by default. It cannot be “installed” and “uninstalled” on its own. You may be trying to install Java, the programming language and VMs.

How do you install java game to phone? This completely depends on the type of mobile phone in use. For example, Apple does not use java at all in their mobile devices neither does Windows or Android. To find out if your phone runs java you can download it in the App market place under the name J2ME, or look in your phones user manual to see if it supports this App.

What is the difference between Java OS and Android OS for mobiles? The primary difference between the two is that Android is a mobile platform while Java is a programming language. Often however, Android is jJva-based.

How do you create a mobile using java? yes of course mobile phone software only but making mobile phone needs experience and android base is much better than java.

Can you install android software in Sony ericsson w150 yendo? Android is a operating system so it is not install in Sony Ericsson mobile Phones.

How do you install java on cherry mobile T3? Just download any 240×320 java or .jar games and click options and install. Also the java games in cherry mobile t3 lags like hell so GoodluCk.. GoDbless!! Homer.

Can you install java for an iPod touch? Java is used less on mobile devices because of mobile formatted websites. Java is in every internet device. Java is already on your iPod. To disable javascript, click settings>safari>javascript.

What is the difference between android and symbian operating system used in mobile? on android we install any soft like window OS

How do you install opera mini in china mobile? Sure, You can install Opera if its a Java enabled handset. Otherwise it is not possible.

How do you install java in ztc te558 mobile phone? I'm using dis mobile….n u cant install java applications in it u cn only install….vch i also use n it really works.. n I'm still searching how to change the theme ………

Which language is best for huawei antutu creating android-based mobile application And why? The best would probably be Java, as Google's Android SDK is built around Java. Although you can write applications for the Android platform using the NDK (Native Development Kit) as well, but it may be more in-depth and involved.

Can you install ms office 2007 without windows OS in Android tablet? Desktop MS Office is not available for Android OS. However, Microsoft has come out with Microsoft Office Mobile for all mobile operating systems, including Android OS.

Is t mobile affinity an Android phone? No the T-mobile Affinity or Sydney has a proprietary operating system, like the samsung tocco's and older java based touchscreens.

Is Android OS easy for Java programmers? Yes, Android OS is easy for java developers. It is because the coding in Android is in core Java.

How to take backup and restore of your contacts' messages and apps from android mobile? You need to install the Mobile Backup and Restore app in your SD card which will backup and restore your contacts' messages and apps from the Android phone.

Recently I bought new phone Blueberry PlatinumS4 which supports java or nucleus Operating System. It is Made in China. How do you add or google pixel geekbench install Google play store in this mobile? To install Google play store you need Android operating system, it's just simply won't work on other system. Since your phone is java or nucleus which is not very common, I don't think there will be any way, or any that i know of.

What is android and features of android? Real meaning of android a human like robot. Android is an operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. It is developed by the Open Handset Alliance led by Google. And google pixel geekbench it is a Linux-based mobile phone operating system developed by Google. Android is unique because Google is actively developing the platform but giving it away for free to hardware manufacturers and phone carriers who want to use Android on their devices…

China mobile nokia n97i sofware download? Download the Nokia 3110c software from 'Getjar' and then paste it to your China mobile phone on the Java folder. Then open it and install it and then go to games; open Java and enjoy the software.

Which is better advance java or Geekbench android? Java is much advance because application designed to run over Android are written in Java Language.

What operating system is used by Sony Ericsson mobile phones? Sony Ericsson mobile phones use a variety of operating systems depending on the specific model. The operating systems used include Android, Java, Symbian, and Windows Mobile.

Can android apps work on java phones? Sadly, no. Android apps cannot work on java phones.

Can the droid Eris be a mobile hotspot? Yes, but it must be rooted, google pixel dxomark and you need to install the “wireless tether” program from the Android Market.

Can I install java script apps on Android OS? There are many javascript apps written for anroid os. However, not all javascripts will run on android systems. only those specifically made for android systems will run. It will tell which systems it is compatible with on the download information.

What is the android language coding? The operating system itself consists of Java and C/C++. The applications are written primarily in Java for the builtin Java virtual machine. (Dalvik in Android 5.0, ART in Android >=5.0)

How do you install java in china mobile phones? China phones, is a term that is used to refer to Chinese-made mobile phones that are affordable low- and mid- range budget phones. Most China phones do not come with an operating system installed. Although most China phones do not support Java natively, there is a way you can install Java applications. Installing the essential tools will allow you to have access to a rich database of JAVA applications that work on almost any JAVA…

How do you install java in china mobile? China phones, is a term that is used to refer to Chinese-made mobile phones that are affordable low- and mid- range budget phones. Most China phones do not come with an operating system installed. Although most China phones do not support Java natively, there is a way you can install Java applications. Installing the essential tools will allow you to have access to a rich database of JAVA applications that work on almost any JAVA…

What is android mobile? Any device powering up by Android Operating System can be termed as an Android Mobile !

Can you download java ona etouch android tablet? I want to down load java on my android tablet for pogo games

Is VOX VP4 android or not? no it is ot android. it works on Java..

Can you install Skype for china mobile? yes … depends on the Phone eg: Skype does not support Star X1** android 2.3.6 at the moment. 2012.04.19.

How do you install facebook app on your mobile phone? For Android go to Google Play store and search Facebook. For Apple try the Apple Store

What is better android games or java games? Neither Java nor “Android” games are “better” in any sense; Android games run on Android (but not other systems), while Java games run on other systems (but not Android). The actual quality of the software depends on the software developers, game designers, and so on, not the tool being used.

Does huawei g7300 have android? no it does not have android its only a java based phone

Can you download Google Earth on your Samsung GT-S5830? Google Earth is available for Android and iPhone mobile phones. Samsung GT is an Android phone so it should run Google Earth for google pixel dxomark mobile, which is currently available on Android devices running Android OS 2.1 or newer. Note: Not all features are available on all devices. See mobile support for Google Earth (and Google Maps) in related links below which has a link to download/install Google Earth.

How do you devlpoed mobile Application in java? Java Mobile Edition is used to create mobile applications.

forbes.comIs cherry mobile w6i is a Android phone? how make android the cherry mobile W6i

How do install custom rom in android? Watch this video tutorial to see how you can install a custom ROM in Android.

What is the name of company and mobile that has launched latest android mobile? Motorola is the company that has released the latest Android mobile phone.

How do you use Skype on an Android mobile phone? On the Skype website, you can find all the necessary instructions. You basically have to input your mobile number to get a link to install the Skype application. (See details in the Related link.)

What is the difference between android and mobile phone? An android phone is just a mobile phone, it just has a better operating system that allows you to get apps, create a mobile hotspot, etc. Mobile starts with an “m” and android starts with an “a”. Android is a specific app (application) for software that is used with mobile phones. Whereas mobile refers to the actual phone - a portable or mobile communication device.

What do you mean by android in a mobile phone? it is an android

Which software language is in demand now? JAVA Java is a full object-oriented language, strongly typed, with an extensive feature set focused on networking and cross-platform compatibility. Applications written in Java can run on virtually any OS - though the performance won't be as good as something designed to run natively. It is the language of choice for most Computer Science courses, and consequently almost everyone has at least a little Java programming experience. Android applications are written in Java too, though…

How you can install android on Samsung b5722? we cannot install android os on samsung dxomark b5722

Does android support java? Yes, It does.

How do you install or samsung dxomark remove applications - ADP files - into Google Android mobile platform emulator? # Turn on your Android platform emulator. If you dont have it, download it from website (emulator is a part of Android SDK) ## … for install new appliacation (apk file, NOT “adp” …): where you have android sdk/tools/emulator/adb install $APK where $APK is the full path to ATP file. For example if you want to install the Opera Mini browser from your USB flash memory (H:), you should type this: adb install h:\OperaMini.apk ##…

How do you download android os for java? Android OS uses applications that are a customized version of Java. Without knowing the reasons and where this is being downloaded to, it is difficult to answer this question.

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