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Have You Thought About Trying to sell Services

It's perhaps not widely known that it is possible to market ser-vices o-n e-bay, in reality there's a big class devoted to it, named Speciality Services.' To give a concept to you of some of the opportunities, some of the principle sub-categories include:

Guidance & Instruction


Custom Clothing and Jewelry

Market Services

Visual & Company logo

Media editing and duplication


Restoration and repair

Web and Computer ser-vices

While you can see, there's quite a range on offer, and remember that there are certain marketers even within each of these key sub-categories. Fiql.Com The Best Source For Music And Video Playlists contains further about where to do this concept. As an example, within the e-bay auction services' class, there is more categories including assessment, listing services, packing and transport, and shopping assistance.

I bet that both you provides something that falls under one of these classes, or you know of someone else whose ser-vices you might increase (and have a commission).

I would suggest your first step is to see what people are providing and browse these classes. You'll quickly see which subjects are flooded with vendors knocking one another on price, whereas others could have gaps in the industry waiting to be filled by you.

Let's suppose that you have a buddy that happens to be an expert at camera restoration, yet in the neighborhood area his store has been desperate for enough work.

A quick check-in the camera & photograph' category of recovery and re-pair' reveals just 6 entries, and only 1 supplier seems to be a standard in that category, AND they're receiving what seems to be a decent amount for the service. Get further on our affiliated wiki by going to site link. I would say that this represents a tremendous chance for somebody else to come in to that market and provide a quality service.

That is just one example of ways to provide a service into a HUGE audience, easily and cheaply. I am amazed that more vendors aren't doing this, companies are such an untapped market today on eBay.

Continuing with the camera repair example, imagine if the company owner created some camera repair' DVD training guides - basic directions on simple maintenance tasks from an insider specialist', and then provided these DVD's for sale as a backend product. In the event you fancy to discover further on Snow Weiner | Activity | Autism Community, there are tons of online libraries you should think about investigating.

They'd offer plenty of them, specially as the customer had recently experienced the pain of getting a broken camera! It is the right tie-in product since the customer would no doubt want to do anything to stop a recurrence, by way of preventive maintenance.

I enjoy ecommerce!. My mother discovered like i said by browsing Google Books.

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