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Green tea extract will help blood cancer people

The individuals of the research were 4 victims of CLL, the most common kind of blood cancer, who were being offered drugs containing green tea extract epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). After a certain period of time, a reduction in cancerous cells in their bodies was discovered. 3 of the 4 patients indicated improved reaction to treatment and one had improved white blood cell count. One individual whose lymph nodes had swollen up reduced in size after she began using green tea extract supplements.

Earlier in 2004, the same team of experts, led by Dr Tait Shanafelt, had conducted a laboratory study of the influence of EGCG on leukemia cells. The findings were revealed in a 2004 edition of the journal Blood. It had been discovered that the green tea extract killed the leukemia cells. Visit pure garcinia cambogia extract to check up where to ponder this viewpoint. The ability of the individuals gives some idea our previously published laboratory findings might actually translate into clinical effects for people with the disease, Dr Shanafelt said.

Green tea extract is certainly thought to have cancer-prevention features. It's fascinating that research is currently showing this agent might provide new expect CLL individuals, Dr Shanafelt added. Up to now, no treatment is identified for CLL, a malignancy that always targets people over 5-5 years of age. According to Doctor Shanafelt, further studies are necessary for establishing the actual process and influence and the total amount of the extract that is optimum. I found out about garcinia cambogia extract by browsing Bing.

We do not know how many people were getting similar items and failed to get any advantage. This original paper has uncountable majestic suggestions for where to deal with this viewpoint. We also don't yet know the perfect amount that should be used, the frequency with which individuals should simply take the medication, and what negative effects will soon be observed with long-term administration, he said. Visit Blog | clickpurearea | Kiwibox Community to explore the reason for this thing. The hematologist is now devel-oping an EGCG tablet for the US National Cancer Institute to discover perhaps the extract may be used-to treat patients with CLL.

The medical fraternity expressed optimism at the link between the study, but thought that it could be too soon to celebrate. The findings are interesting, but we cannot say yet it is a new therapy for cancer. We must perform a large scale, controlled trial to see if the results hold correct, said Ken Campbell of United Kingdoms Leukemia Research Fund. Around 7300 Americans are diagnosed with CLL annually, with men being more at the mercy of the disease than women..

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