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Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidelines - step-by-step

You can find so many sites all over the internet so its essential to promote and optimize your site. A brand new internet site must be obvious to search engines. Before publishing your site to se's it's extremely important to optimize your website. If you're able to not manage a search engine optimization service, make sure to follow our several search engine optimization suggestions to have your internet site well optimized for the top position in search engines.

Step 1. - Analyze your competitors

The simplest way to start refining your internet site is assess your rivals. Take a look in the web pages that currently have leading rankings (Top 1-0) on Google for precise keywords and attempt to uncover what these pages have done to get these rankings.

- evaluate the first top ten internet sites related to your department

- evaluate key-words they're using

- examine their source code, meta tags

- take a look at their key-word thickness

- examine their comment tag, alt labels, title tag

- internal and external links on the sites

- look how many websites linking to them

- read the quality and link popularity of web sites that are linking to your competition

- appear how many pages they have

In the end you can tell is it simple to beat your rivals or it's maybe not.

Step 2. - Begin to improve your web site with quality information

When enhancing your site often use keyword in the meta-tags which are shown in your page. To get supplementary information, please take a glance at: here. It's not likely to help your search engine ranking if the page has nothing to do with this issue.

Step 3. Select the right key words.

As mentioned before, evaluate your competitors but never use the same keyword and description tag. You will find two great resources for finding out the very best keywords. - Overture - WordTracker

Action 4.Creating meta-tags - TITLE Tag

The most crucial tag will be the Title tag, because it is in the head portion of your site and several search engines use it. Title tag must be short (about 14 words), descriptive and to the point. The name is seemed on first-line in the major search engines.

Step 5. Producing meta labels - DESCRIPTION Tag Another essential meta tag is description tag. It explains information of the website

- shouldnt be longer than 120 characters

- description is for the various search engines perhaps not for the readers to-see

Step 6. Producing meta tags - KEYWORD Tag

- utilize the most important key words that the website shows

- we recommend to utilize 5 keywords separated by a commas

- one keyword must have 1 - 3 words

Step 7.Creating meta tags - ROBOT Tags

Step 8. - Check your site URL before submit to search engines.

Your site should be completed without errors:

- no broken links

- no spelling errors

- have a great style

- no html tag errors

- have a site map

Step 9. - Submit your site to search engines

Publish your site in to the most impor-tant search engines, it brings you the most of traffic. Be sure to submit your URL for free to,,,,,,,,,, Open Directory (The ODP capabilities key directory ser-vices for some the most used portals and search engines on the net, including AOL Search, Netscape Search, Google directory, Yahoo directory, Lycos, DirectHit, and HotBot, MSN and a huge selection of others). Yahoo and dmoz Directory entries are enormously important. There are a much more free and paid search engines and directories to submit, but if you don't have time to search for and submit, you may also use our search engine submission service.

Step 10. - Build your link popularity (offpage optimization)

Next significant action you must do with your site is develop your link popularity. Link Popularity is the quality and number of other websites that link to your site. Top rankings rely on your link popularity. It could be done with creating a quality non-reciprocal and mutual links from related web sites and Internet directories, blogs, forum sites

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