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Exclusive Owl Pendant Charm Hand made by US Artist A Gorgeous Necklace for Owl Admirers

My Beautiful Owl Necklace Brought me Good Luck!

My owl necklace is more meaningful to me than nine-tenths of my other jewelry for the most part because I feel owls are some of the more fabulous birds in the universe . My closest friends have dubbed me “owl lady” for as long as I can remember, and now my youngsters seem to be trailing along in my footsteps! Two weeks ago the three youngest began making high pitched owl screeches in the side yard just when it turned dark, and (I kid you not) a cute little screech owl called back to my children from the trees next door! I had to quiet the kids up quickly so they could hear his call, and you should have seen those little expressions! Their eyes were as wide as the owl's must have been. Yes, nature lovers run in our family.

That's why I went hunting for an owl pendant that was created by a nature lover. It takes one to know one, if you know what I mean. But the attention to detail and the obvious love of wild birds really is obvious in this artist's design. Her necklace not only LOOKS like a real owl, it has the authentic nature of an owl. I bought mine from Amazon last week, and it arrived within a few days. When I opened the package, I could not believe the gorgeous detail in the design. And… it was totally affordable! Well, it cost a little more than the cheap Chinese factory versions. After all, it was made and cast in the USA by an artist. To me it was worth every penny. I have no doubt I will wear it for the rest of my days, and finally will pass it down to one of my owl-loving daughters.

I've listened to people asserting that owls bring good fortune, and I can't swear this is factual, however I have been having more than my share of pleasant things taking place since it arrived. In the event people require to discover further about Find out more at necklace/, there are many online libraries people should consider investigating. Undoubtedly it's only that this gorgeous piece gave my spirits such a lift! I would without a doubt endorse The Magic Zoo owl jewelry (yes, there are even more of them!) for any owl lover out there..

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