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Dispelling Google's 100 Link Limit Myth

Exactly why is it that a great number of people think having over 100 links on a web-page will get you banned or black flagged by Google? and how did Google get so much power over the way we us site manufacturers develop our internet sites to the level that we think they dictate how many links we may have?

Well, lets experience facts, Google own the search market. Nearly 700-800 of World Wide Online users, use as their favorite se Google. Visit see black mica to learn how to see this view. In Australia its nearer to 90%. Google now run the search industry and truly at this point in time they've the best search methods and the best results shown within the SERP's.

Do we have to pander to Google and the way they desire us to construct and occur on the Internet in the form of our websites? Does this imply that we must have less than 100 links on any given web site simply because we are frightened of the things they might think?

Well, I'm fairly sure most of us have a list of friends which could extend well previous 100 people - if each one of these have a website and we then set links from the connections page on our website can we reasonably expect Google to look at this page unfavourably? Most likely not. Therefore, perhaps the 100 links is a tip to not get too caught up with links o-n webpages? Probably therefore!

Still another good example of a website page that usually has a lot more than 100 links is just a sitemap page - most internet sites have a sitemap and oftentimes the listing of links extends well beyond 100 - particulary for product catalogs and product ranges and yet they are perhaps not getting banned? It is most-likely that website links that point to other internal webpages are treated differently. Identify extra info on our affiliated web site - Click here: black mica sites.

Google and its search algorithms are very smart so their is much evidence that they can tell the difference between a legitimate number of 200 links on a website and a web-page with the very sam-e website links that is made just for the purposes of a link farm.

So, to this end, lets dispell the whispers, urban myths and put an end to this 10-0 link limit. Build your website the way in which you want, with as much links as you, lay out and organized how you want. Just forget about limiting the amount of links when it is right for you to be getting that lots of links on a website on one web-page. This commanding paper has a myriad of telling tips for the reason for this hypothesis. Be wise, think just like a search-engine would when it discusses a web-page. Do not link to 100's of other web sites from one website but do not be frightened to link from your site..

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